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plunge /plʌndʤ/
  • danh từ
    • sự lao mình xuống (nước); cái nhảy đâm đầu xuống (nước...)
    • (nghĩa bóng) bước liều, sự lao vào (khó khăn, nguy hiểm)
      • to take the plunge: liều
  • ngoại động từ
    • nhúng, thọc
      • to plunge one's hand into hot water: nhúng tay vào nước nóng
      • to plunge one's hand into one's pocket: thọc tay vào túi
    • đâm sâu vào, đâm ngập vào
      • to plunge a dagger into...: đâm ngập con dao găm vào...
    • (nghĩa bóng) đẩy vào, làm chìm ngập vào, nhận chìm
      • to plunge a country into war: đẩy một nước vào tai hoạ chiến tranh
      • to plunge one's family into poverty: đẩy gia đình vào cảnh túng thiếu
      • plunged into darkness: bị chìm ngập trong bóng tối
    • chôn sâu, chôn ngập (một chậu cây...)
    • nội động từ
      • lao mình xuống, nhảy đâm đầu xuống (nước...)
        • to plunge into the river: lao mình xuống nước, nhảy đâm đầu xuống sông
      • lao vào, lao lên, lao xuống
        • to plunge into a difficulty: lao vào một công việc khó khăn
        • to plunge into the room: lao vào phòng
        • to plunge upstairs: lao lên gác
        • to plunge downstairs: lao xuống cầu thang
      • lao tới (ngựa)
      • chúi tới (tàu)
      • (từ lóng) cờ bạc liều, máu mê cờ bạc; mang công mắc n
    Concise Dictionary
    +a brief swim in water
    +a steep and rapid fall
    +thrust or throw into
    +drop steeply
    +dash violently or with great speed or impetuosity
    +begin with vigor
    +cause to be immersed
    +fall abruptly
    +immerse briefly into a liquid so as to wet, coat, or saturate
    +engross (oneself) fully

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 descend, drop, plummet, dive, pitch, nosedive, fall (headlong):
    They lost their footing, and both Holmes and Moriarty plunged into the abyss
    2 submerge, sink, immerse; engulf, overwhelm:
    I plunged my hand in the icy water to retrieve the keys. She plunged herself into her work to try to forget him.
    3 dive, nosedive, fall, pitch, plummet, drop, descent; submersion, immersion:
    After the scandal his career took a plunge from which it never recovered. Every winter they take a plunge into the icy waters of the Serpentine
    4 gamble, wager, bet, risk:
    Are you taking the plunge with an investment in South America?
    Advanced English Dictionary
    verb, noun
    + verb
    1 [+adv./prep.] to move or make sb/sth move suddenly forwards and/or downwards: [V] She lost her balance and plunged 100 feet to her death. + The train left the track and plunged down the embankment. + [VN] The earthquake plunged entire towns over the edge of the cliffs.
    2 [V] (of prices, temperatures, etc.) to decrease suddenly and quickly
    Synonym: PLUMMET
    Stock markets plunged at the news of the coup. + This year profits plunged by 40%.
    3 [V +adv./prep.] (of a road, surface, etc.) to slope steeply: The track plunged down into the valley.
    4 [V] to move up and down suddenly and violently: The horse plunged and reared. + (figurative) His heart plunged (= because of a strong emotion).
    Phrasal Verbs: plunge in
    plunge into sth
    1 to jump into sth, especially with force: The pool was declared open and eager swimmers plunged in.
    2 to start doing sth in an enthusiastic way, especially without thinking carefully about what you are doing: She was about to plunge into her story when the phone rang. + He's always plunging in at the deep end (= becoming involved in difficult situations without being well enough prepared).
    plunge sth in
    plunge sth into sth to push sth quickly and with force into sth else: Bring the water to the boil and plunge the vegetables in. + She plunged the knife deep into his chest.
    plunge into sth
    1 = PLUNGE IN
    2 to experience sth unpleasant: The country plunged deeper into recession.
    plunge sb/sth into sth to make sb/sth experience sth unpleasant: The news plunged them into deep depression. + There was a flash of lightning and the house was plunged into darkness.
    + noun [usually sing.]
    1 a sudden movement downwards or away from sth: The calm water ends there and the river begins a headlong plunge.
    2 ~ (in sth) a sudden decrease in an amount or the value of sth: a dramatic plunge in profits + a sharp plunge in the stock markets + This increase reversed an earlier price plunge.
    3 ~ into sth the act of becoming involved in a situation or activity: The company is planning a deeper plunge into the commercial market.
    4 an act of jumping or DIVING into water; a quick swim: He took the plunge into the deep end. + She went for a plunge.
    Idioms: take the plunge (informal) to decide to do sth important or difficult, especially after thinking about it for a long time: They finally decided to take the plunge and get married.
    Collocation Dictionary


    headlong | cold
    Bathers would go straight from the hot room to take a cold plunge.


    The river takes a headlong plunge into a maelstrom of rocks and boulders. (figurative) He finally took the plunge and gave in his notice.


    ~ into
    a plunge into the icy water
    | ~ to
    a plunge to the ground



    downwards, forward, head first, headlong
    The car plunged headlong into the river.
    | in
    The pool was declared open and eager swimmers plunged in.


    The bus came off the road and plunged down an embankment.
    | from
    He plunged from a tenth floor window.
    | into
    (often figurative) She plunged straight into her story.
    | off
    The car had plunged off the road.


    plunge to your death
    A climber plunged 300 feet to his death.

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