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plenty /'plenti/
  • danh từ
    • sự sung túc, sự phong phú, sự dồi dào, sự có nhiều
      • to have plenty of money: có nhiều tiền
      • we are in plenty of time: chúng ta còn có nhiều thì giờ
      • to live in plenty: sống sung túc
      • here is cake in plenty: có nhiều bánh ngọt, bánh ngọt dồi dào
    • horn of plenty
      • sừng dê kết hoa quả (tượng trưng cho sự phong phú)
  • phó từ
    • (thông tục) hoàn toàn, rất lắm
      • it's plenty large enough: thế là to lắm rồi
Concise Dictionary
+a full supply
+(often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent
+as much as necessary
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 abundance, more than enough, great deal, mass(es), quantity or quantities, multitude(s), number(s), load(s), mess, scores, Colloq lot(s), mountain(s), heap(s), stack(s), pile(s), load(s), ton(s), ocean(s), oodles, US and Canadian slew(s):
There is plenty of food, so it is just as well that plenty of people are coming. There's plenty of time before your bus arrives
2 plentifulness, fertility, copiousness, abundance, plenteousness, wealth, profusion, lavishness, prodigality, plenitude, bountifulness:
It was a land of plenty, a land of milk and honey.
Advanced English Dictionary
pronoun, adverb, noun, determiner
pronoun ~ (of sth) a large amount; as much or as many as you need: plenty of eggs / money / time + 'Do we need more milk?' 'No, there's plenty in the fridge.' + They always gave us plenty to eat. + We had plenty to talk about. - MANY, MUCH
+ adverb
1 ~ more (of) (sth) a lot: We have plenty more of them in the warehouse. + There's plenty more paper if you need it.
2 ~ big, long, etc. enough (to do sth) (informal) more than big, long, etc. enough: The rope was plenty long enough to reach the ground.
3 (AmE) a lot; very: We talked plenty about our kids. + You can be married and still be plenty lonely.
+ noun [U] (formal) a situation in which there is a large supply of food, money, etc: Everyone is happier in times of plenty. + We had food and drink in plenty.
determiner (AmE or informal) a lot of: There's plenty room for all of you!

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