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plentiful /'plentiful/ (plenteous) /'plentjəs/
  • tính từ
    • sung túc, phong phú, dồi dào
Concise Dictionary
+existing in great number or quantity
+affording an abundant supply
+producing in abundance

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 ample, abundant, profuse, copious, lavish, plenteous, bountiful, generous, bounteous:
We found a plentiful supply of food in the markets.
2 fertile, fruitful, productive, bumper, luxuriant, thriving, prolific:
We thanked the Lord for a plentiful harvest.
Advanced English Dictionary
(also plenteous) + adjective
available or existing in large amounts or numbers: a plentiful supply of food + In those days jobs were plentiful.
plentifully adverb: Evidence is plentifully available. + She kept them plentifully supplied with gossip.

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