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piece /pi:s/
  • danh từ
    • mảnh, mẩu, miếng, viên, cục, khúc...
      • a piece of paper: một mảnh giấy
      • a piece of wood: một mảnh gỗ
      • a piece of bread: một mẩu bánh mì
      • a piece of land: một mảnh đất
      • a piece of chalk: một cục phấn
      • to break something to pieces: đạp vỡ cái gì ra từng mảnh
    • bộ phận, mảnh rời
      • to take a machine to pieces: tháo rời máy ra, tháo máy thành từng mảnh rời
    • (thương nghiệp) đơn vị, cái, chiếc, tấm cuộn (vải); thùng (rượu...)
      • a piece of wine: một thùng rượu vang
      • a piece of wallpaper: một cuộn giấy dán tường (12 iat)
      • to sell by the piece: bán cả tấm, bán cả cuộn
      • a tea-service of fourteen pieces: một bộ trà mười bốn chiếc
      • a piece of furniture: một cái đồ gỗ (bàn, tủ, giường...)
    • bức (tranh); bài (thơ); bản (nhạc); vở (kịch)
      • a piece of painting: một bức tranh
      • a piece of music: một bản nhạc
      • a piece of poetry: một bài thơ
    • khẩu súng, khẩu pháo; nòng pháo
      • a battery of four pieces: một cụm pháo gồm bốn khẩu
    • quân cờ
    • cái việc, lời, dịp...
      • a piece of folly: một việc làm dại dột
      • a piece of one's mind: một lời nói thật
      • a piece of impudence: một hành động láo xược
      • a piece of advice: một lời khuyên
      • a piece of good luck: một dịp may
    • đồng tiền
      • crown piece: đồng cu-ron
      • penny piece: đồng penni
      • piece of eight: đồng pơzô (Tây ban nha)
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) nhạc khí
    • (từ lóng) con bé, thị mẹt
      • a pretty piece: con bé kháu, con bé xinh xinh
      • a saucy piece: con ranh hỗn xược
    • to be all of a piece
      • cùng một giuộc; cùng một loại
    • to be of a piece with
      • cùng một giuộc với; cùng một loại với
    • to be paid by the piece
      • được trả lương theo sản phẩm
    • to go to pieces
      • (xem) go
    • in pieces
      • vở từng mảnh
    • to pull (tear) something to pieces
      • xé nát vật gì
    • to pull someone to pieces
      • phê bình ai tơi bời, đập ai tơi bời
  • ngoại động từ
    • chấp lại thành khối, ráp lại thành khối
    • nối (chỉ) (lúc quay sợi)
    • nội động từ
      • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (tiếng địa phương) ăn vặt, ăn quà
      • to piece on
        • chắp vào, ráp vào
      • to piece something on to another: chắp vật gì vào một vật khác
      • to piece out
        • thêm vào, thêm thắt vào
      • chắp lại thành, đúc kết thành (câu chuyện, lý thuyết)
      • to piece together
        • chắp lại với nhau, ráp lại vào nhau
      • to piece up
    Concise Dictionary
    +a separate part of a whole
    +an item that is an instance of some type
    +a portion of a natural object
    +a musical work that has been created
    +an instance of some kind
    +an artistic or literary composition
    +a portable gun
    +a serving that has been cut from a larger portion
    +a distance
    +a work of art of some artistic value
    +a period of indeterminate length (usually short) marked by some action or condition
    +a share of something
    +game equipment consisting of an object used in playing certain board games
    +to join or unite the pieces of
    +create by putting components or members together
    +join during spinning
    +eat intermittently; take small bites of
    +repair by adding pieces

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 bit, morsel, scrap, chunk, hunk, sliver, lump, portion, particle, fragment, shred, shard or sherd, remnant, quantity:
    All the beggar wanted was a piece of bread. A piece of shrapnel is still embedded in my arm
    2 wedge, slice, serving, helping, portion:
    You may not have a piece of pie till you've eaten your vegetables.
    3 share, portion, fraction, part, division, segment, section, interest, holding, percentage, proportion:
    It turned out that a piece of the company had been sold without shareholders' approval
    4 (short) story, article, essay, report, theme, draft; poem; music, opus, (musical) number, composition, arrangement, tune, melody, song, air, jingle, ditty; production, play, drama, sketch, show:
    I read that piece about cholesterol in yesterday's paper. He wrote a piece for the flute. Which piece by Strindberg will you put on next?
    5 man, token, chessman, chess-piece, chequer, Brit draughtsman:
    Once you have touched a piece you must move it.
    6 go to pieces. fall apart, disintegrate, crumble, shatter; be shattered, be upset, be disturbed, have a nervous breakdown, go out of or lose control, break down, Colloq crack up:
    Another earthquake and this wall will go to pieces. At the news of his son's death, Joe simply went to pieces
    7 in pieces. smashed, destroyed, ruined, shattered, broken, in smithereens, smashed:
    The vase lay in pieces at my feet. Though I had won the case, my life was in pieces
    8 of a piece (with). similar, similarly constituted, alike, of the same sort or kind or type, uniform, the same, part and parcel (of the same thing), identical; in harmony, in agreement, harmonious, in keeping:
    This book is of a piece with the others in the same series. All his paintings are of a piece.
    9 piece of cake. Colloq snap, cinch, US and Canadian lead-pipe cinch, breeze:
    The French exam was a piece of cake.
    10 piece of (one's) mind. Colloq scolding, rebuke, lecture, reprimand, tongue-lashing, chiding, rap over or on the knuckles, Colloq hell, what for, dressing-down, US bawling-out, chewing-out:
    She gave him a piece of her mind about the amount of time he spent in the pub
    11 piece of the action. share, portion, interest, stake, percentage, holding, quota:
    For $1000 you can have a piece of the action.
    12 speak (one's) piece. have (one's) say, express (one's) opinion, say what is on (one's) mind; vent (one's) spleen, Colloq get a load off (one's) mind or chest:
    All were given a chance to speak their piece.
    13 piece together. assemble, put together, connect, gather, compose; fix, unite, restore, mend:
    We pieced together what happened from the witnesses' accounts. You'll never be able to piece together the bits of that lamp.

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