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philosophy /fi'lɔsəfi/
  • danh từ
    • triết học, triết lý
      • Marxist-Leninist philosophy: triết học Mác-Lênin
    • tính bình thản trong mọi hoàn cảnh; triết lý sống
      • a man without a philosophy: con người không có một triết lý sống
    • normal philosophy
      • luân lý
    • natural philosophy
      • khoa học tự nhiên
Concise Dictionary
philosophiesfɪ'lɑsəfɪ /-ɒ-
+a belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school
+the rational investigation of questions about existence and knowledge and ethics
+any personal belief about how to live or how to deal with a situation

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 metaphysics, epistemology, logic, natural or moral or metaphysical philosophy, rationalism, thinking, aesthetics:
He views philosophy as the attempt to describe and codify universal truths
2 viewpoint, (point of) view, outlook, opinion, attitude, feeling, sentiment, idea, notion, ideology, (set of) beliefs or values, tenets, Weltanschauung, world-view:
Harold's philosophy of life is 'Live and let live'.
3 stoicism, sang-froid, control, self-control, restraint, coolness, composure, calmness, serenity, placidity, cool-headedness, equanimity, thoughtfulness, imperturbability, self-possession, aplomb, dispassion, patience, resignation:
You may be sure that Paul allows nothing to disturb his philosophy.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [U] the study of nature and meaning of the universe and of human life: moral philosophy + the philosophy of science + a professor of philosophy + a degree in philosophy
2 [C] a particular set or system of beliefs resulting from the search for knowledge about life and the universe: the philosophy of Jung + the development of different philosophies
3 [C] a set of beliefs or an attitude to life that guides sb's behaviour: Her philosophy of life is to take every opportunity that presents itself.
Collocation Dictionary

1 study of ideas about the meaning of life


ancient, classical | contemporary, modern | Eastern, Western | experimental, moral, natural
political, religious, social


the philosophy of history/religion/science

More information about SUBJECT


of study do, read, study ~ do ~
is more commonly used with school subjects (but may also be used with university subjects):She did maths, physics and chemistry at school.

study ~
is used with both school and university subjects:He studied German at school. She went on to study mathematics at university.

read ~
is only used with university subjects and is quite formal:She was educated privately and at Pembroke College, where she read classics.

lecture in, teach ~
He taught music at a school in Edinburgh.

Other verbs used withsubjectcan also be used with particular subjects of study:Half the students take geography at A level. We offer accounting as a subsidiary course.

~ degree, a degree/diploma in ~
a law degree a higher diploma in fine art

~ class, course, lecture, lesson
The genetics lectures are on a different campus.

~ department, a/the department of ~
All enquiries should be made to the Department of Architecture.

~ graduate, student, undergraduate
Some architecture graduates gain further qualifications in specialist fields.

~ lecturer, teacher, tutor
He's an English teacher at Highland Road School.

~ professor, (a) professor of ~
She's professor of linguistics at the University of Wales.

the study of ~
The study of philosophy helps you to think critically.

in ~
He got As in history and art.

2 particular system of beliefs


competing, differing | prevailing
humanism?the prevailing philosophy today in the Western world
| basic, general, underlying | personal | homespun, simple
the homespun philosophy that kept her going during this difficult period
| liberal | design, economic, educational, management, market, political, religious, social
a furniture-maker's design philosophy


develop, formulate
developing a personal philosophy
| articulate | adopt, embrace, espouse | reject


inform sth, underlie sth, underpin sth
the philosophy underlying the education system
| prevail
the management philosophy which prevailed at that time


~ behind
The new measures were introduced with no explanation of the philosophy behind them.


a philosophy of life/mind

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