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phenomenon /fi'nɔminən/
  • danh từ, số nhiều phenomena /fi'nɔminə/
    • hiện tượng
    • sự việc phi thường, người phi thường; vật phi thường; người kỳ lạ, vật kỳ lạ
Concise Dictionary
+any state or process known through the senses rather than by intuition or reasoning
+a remarkable development

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 event, happening, occurrence, incident, occasion, experience, fact:
Everyone knows the phenomenon of the souring of milk.
2 wonder, curiosity, spectacle, sight, sensation, marvel, rarity, exception, miracle, Slang stunner:
An eight-year-old chess champion is truly a phenomenon, even in Russia.
Advanced English Dictionary
1 a fact or an event in nature or society, especially one that is not fully understood: cultural / natural / social phenomena + Terrorism is a phenomenon of the 20th century. + Early retirement is a relatively new phenomenon in Britain.
2 (plural phenomenons in AmE) a person or thing that is very successful or impressive
Collocation Dictionary


common, universal, widespread | isolated, rare, unique | new, recent | natural | curious, inexplicable, remarkable, strange | complex | observable | cultural, historical, linguistic, mental, physical, political, psychological, social, supernatural, urban


His job is to investigate supernatural phenomena.


emerge, occur
The phenomenon occurs during early foetal development.

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