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pessimistic /,pesi'mistik/
  • tính từ
    • bi quan, yếm thế
Concise Dictionary
+expecting the worst in this worst of all possible worlds
Thesaurus Dictionary
gloomy, negative, despairing, hopeless, inauspicious, depressed, despondent, dejected, melancholy, downhearted, heavy-hearted, defeatist, glum, sad, blue, unhappy, cheerless, joyless, cynical, bleak, forlorn:
The bears in the Stock Exchange take a pessimistic view of share prices.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
~ (about sth) expecting bad things to happen or sth not to be successful; showing this: They appeared surprisingly pessimistic about their chances of winning. + a pessimistic view of life + I think you're being far too pessimistic.
pessimistically adverb
Collocation Dictionary


be, feel, look, prove, seem, sound
These figures look quite pessimistic.
| become | remain


deeply, extremely, terribly, very | increasingly | rather, somewhat | unduly, unnecessarily
His predictions proved unduly pessimistic.
| generally


I am deeply pessimistic about the future.

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