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  • phó từ
    • đích thân, với tư cách cá nhân (không đại diện bởi người khác)
    • bản thân
    • về phần tôi, đối với tôi
Concise Dictionary
'pɜrsnəlɪ /'pɜːs-
+as yourself
+as a person
+in a personal way
+in the flesh; without involving anyone else
+concerning the speaker

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 in person, alone, by oneself, on one's own, myself or yourself or himself or herself or ourselves or yourselves or themselves, Colloq in the flesh:
She has not met them personally, but we have. They will see to the matter personally.
2 in one's own view or opinion, for one's part, for oneself, as far as one is concerned, from one's own viewpoint, from where one stands, as one sees it or things, as for oneself:
Personally, I wasn't sure I would make it.
3 as an individual, as a person, privately, in private:
I like him personally but would never have him as my dentist.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adverb
1 used to show that you are giving your own opinion about sth: Personally, I prefer the second option. + 'Is it worth the effort?' 'Speaking personally, yes.'
2 by a particular person rather than by sb acting for them: All letters will be answered personally. + Do you know him personally (= have you met him, rather than just knowing about him from other people)? + I'll deal with the matter personally. + He's no longer personally involved in the day-to-day running of the company.
3 in a way that is connected with one particular person rather than a group of people: He was personally criticized by inspectors for his incompetence. + You will be held personally responsible for any loss or breakage.
4 in a way that is intended to be offensive: I'm sure she didn't mean it personally.
5 in a way that is connected with sb's personal life rather than with their job or official position: Have you had any dealings with any of the suspects, either personally or professionally?
Idioms: take sth personally to be offended by sth: I'm afraid he took your remarks personally. + Please don't take this personally, but would you mind leaving us alone for a few moments?

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