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personal /'pə:snl/
  • tính từ
    • cá nhân, tư, riêng
      • my personal opinion: ý kiến cá nhân tôi, ý kiến riêng tôi
      • this is personal to myself: đây là việc riêng của tôi
    • nói đến cá nhân, ám chỉ cá nhân, chỉ trích cá nhân
      • personal remarks: những nhận xét ám chỉ cá nhân; ai/
  • ngoại động từ
    • nhân cách hoá
    • là hiện thân của
Concise Dictionary
personals'pɜrsnl /'pɜːs-
+a short newspaper article about a particular person or group
+concerning or affecting a particular person or his or her private life and personality
+particular to a given individual
+of or arising from personality
+intimately concerning a person's body or physical being
+indicating grammatical person

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 individual, physical, bodily, actual, live; in person, in the flesh:
The star is scheduled to make a personal appearance on tonight's chat show
2 intimate, exclusive, private, special, particular:
Would you do me a personal favour? I hear they are having personal problems
3 intimate, close, dear, bosom, familiar, special:
Wendy happens to be a personal friend of ours.
4 intimate, individual; disparaging, slighting, offensive, derogatory, critical, deprecating, belittling, adverse, unfriendly, insulting:
He should confine his criticism to her acting and avoid personal remarks.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
your own
1 [only before noun] your own; not belonging to or connected with anyone else: personal effects / belongings / possessions + personal details (= your name, age, etc.) + Of course, this is just a personal opinion. + Coogan has run a personal best of just under four minutes. + The novel is written from personal experience. + Use stencils to add a few personal touches to walls and furniture. + All hire cars are for personal use only.
feelings / character / relationships
2 [only before noun] connected with individual people, especially their feelings, characters and relationships: Having good personal relationships is the most important thing for me. + He was popular as much for his personal qualities as for his cricketing skills.
not official
3 not connected with a person's job or official position: The letter was marked 'Personal'. + I'd like to talk to you about a personal matter. + I try not to let work interfere with my personal life. + She's a personal friend of mine (= not just somebody I know because of my job). + Please keep personal phone calls to a minimum.
done by person
4 [only before noun] done by a particular person rather than by sb who is acting for them: The President made a personal appearance at the event. + I shall give the matter my personal attention. + She takes a personal interest in the work of the charity. + The Principal has little personal contact with the students.
done for person
5 [only before noun] made or done for a particular person rather than for a large group of people or people in general: We offer a personal service to all our customers. + a personal pension plan (= a pension organized by a private company for one particular person) + Will you do it for me as a personal favour?
6 referring to a particular person's character, appearance, opinions, etc. in a way that is offensive: Try to avoid making personal remarks. + There's no need to get personal! + Nothing personal (= I do not wish to offend you), but I do have to go now.
connected with body
7 [only before noun] connected with a person's body: personal cleanliness / hygiene + She's always worrying about her personal appearance. + This insurance policy covers you against personal injury or death.
Collocation Dictionary




extremely, highly, very
highly personal information
| rather

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