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persist /pə'sist/
  • nội động từ
    • kiên gan, bền bỉ
      • to persist in doing something: kiên gan làm việc gì
    • khăng khăng, cố chấp
      • to persist in one's opinion: khăng khăng giữ ý kiến của mình
    • vẫn còn, cứ dai dẳng
      • the fever persists: cơn sốt vẫn dai dẳng
      • the tendency still persists: khuynh hướng vẫn còn
Concise Dictionary
persists|persisted|persistingpər'sɪst /pə's-
+continue to exist
+be persistent, refuse to stop
+stay behind

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 Often, persist in or at. persevere, be persistent, insist (on), stand firm or fast, be steadfast or staunch, strive, toil, labour, work (hard) (at):
She persists in arguing her innocence. Only those who persist will succeed
2 remain, continue, endure, carry on, keep up or on, last, linger, stay:
The bad weather persisted through the weekend.

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