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persecute /'pə:sikju:t/
  • ngoại động từ
    • khủng bố, ngược đãi, hành hạ
    • quấy rầy, làm khổ
      • to persecute someone with questions: làm khổ ai bằng những câu hỏi
Concise Dictionary
persecutes|persecuted|persecuting'pɜrsɪkjuːt /'pɜː-
+cause to suffer
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 oppress, suppress, subjugate, maltreat, ill-treat, abuse, outrage, molest, victimize, tyrannize, afflict, punish, martyr, torment, torture:
For years black people had been persecuted.
2 bother, annoy, pester, plague, hector, bully, badger, harry, harass, irritate, worry, vex, trouble, worry, importune, hound:
Her lawyers continually persecuted him for non-payment of alimony.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb [VN] [often passive]
1 ~ sb (for sth) to treat sb in a cruel and unfair way, especially because of their race, religion or political beliefs: Throughout history, people have been persecuted for their religious beliefs. + persecuted minorities
2 to deliberately annoy sb all the time and make their life unpleasant: Why are the media persecuting him like this?
persecution noun [U, C]: the victims of religious persecution + They fled to Europe to escape persecution.

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