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perpendicular /,pə:pən'dikjulə/
  • tính từ
    • (+ to) vuông góc, trực giao
      • perpendicular to a line: vuông góc với một đường
    • thẳng đứng; dốc đứng
    • (đùa cợt) đứng, đứng ngay
    • danh từ
      • đường vuông góc, đường trực giao
      • vị trí thẳng đứng
      • dây dọi; thước vuông góc
      • (từ lóng) tiệc ăn đứng
    Concise Dictionary
    +a straight line at right angles to another line
    +a Gothic style in 14th and 15th century England; characterized by vertical lines and a four-centered (Tudor) arch and fan vaulting
    +a cord from which a metal weight is suspended pointing directly to the earth's center of gravity; used to determine the vertical from a given point
    +an extremely steep face
    +intersecting at or forming right angles
    +at right angles to the plane of the horizon or a base line
    +extremely steep

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 erect, upright, vertical, plumb, straight (up and down):
    The plumb-line shows that the wall isn't perpendicular.
    2 Often, perpendicular to. at right angles (to), at 90 degrees (to):
    The two paths are perpendicular to one another.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    adjective, noun
    + adjective
    1 ~ (to sth) (usually technical) forming an angle of 90? with another line or surface; upright and going straight up: Are the lines perpendicular to each other? + The staircase was almost perpendicular (= very steep).
    2 (Perpendicular) (architecture) connected with a style of architecture common in England in the 14th and 15th centuries, that makes use of vertical lines and wide arches
    + noun (the perpendicular) [sing.] a line, position or direction that is exactly perpendicular: The wall is a little out of the perpendicular.
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 pointing straight up




    almost, nearly
    an almost perpendicular staircase

    2 at an angle of 90° to sth




    exactly | almost | mutually
    two mutually perpendicular directions


    The axis of the moon will now be exactly perpendicular to that of the earth.

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