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periodic /,piəri'ɔdik/
  • tính từ ((cũng) periodical)
    • (thuộc) chu kỳ
      • periodic motion: chuyển động chu kỳ
    • định kỳ, thường kỳ
    • tuần hoàn
      • periodic law: định luật tuần hoàn
      • periodic table: bảng tuần hoàn nguyên tố Men-đe-lê-ép
  • tính từ
    • văn hoa bóng bảy
    • (hoá học) Periođic
      • periodic acid: axit periođic
Concise Dictionary
+happening or recurring at regular intervals
+recurring at regular intervals
+recurring or reappearing from time to time

Thesaurus Dictionary
periodical, intermittent, regular, recurrent, repetitive, iterative, cyclic(al), repeated; episodic, sporadic, occasional:
We called in the plumber because of the periodic hammering in the pipes. The next periodic return of Halley's comet is expected in 2061-62.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
[usually before noun] happening fairly often and regularly: Periodic checks are carried out on the equipment. + He makes periodic visits to all the shops which stock his products.
periodically adverb: Mailing lists are updated periodically. + Periodically, we meet to discuss any problems.

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