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performer /pə'fɔ:mə/
  • danh từ
    • người biểu diễn
Concise Dictionary
performerspər'fɔrmə(r) /pə'fɔː-
+an entertainer who performs a dramatic or musical work for an audience
Thesaurus Dictionary
actor or actress, artiste, Thespian, trouper, player:
They received their training as performers in a repertory company.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 a person who performs for an audience in a show, concert, etc: a brilliant / polished / seasoned performer
2 a person or thing that behaves or works in the way mentioned: He was a poor performer at school and left with no qualifications. + VW is the star performer of the motor industry this year.
Collocation Dictionary


key, star, top
The star performer of the match was Bill Holland who scored 26 points.
| good, great, impressive, outstanding, polished, talented | poor | seasoned
She's a seasoned concert performer.
| live | solo | amateur, professional | circus, concert, radio, stage, street, television
The president was a polished television performer.

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