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perform /pə'fɔ:m/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm (công việc...); thực hiện (lời hứa...); thi hành (lệnh); cử hành (lễ); hoàn thành (nhiệm vụ)
    • biểu diễn, trình bày (kịch, điệu nhảy...); đóng
      • to perform a part in a play: đóng một vai trong một vở kịch
  • nội động từ
    • đóng một vai
      • to perform in a play: đóng trong một vở kịch
    • biểu diễn
      • to perform on the piano: biểu diễn đàn pianô
Concise Dictionary
performs|performed|performingpər'fɔrm /pə'fɔːm
+carry out or perform an action
+perform a function
+give a performance (of something)
+get (something) done

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 execute, complete, bring off or about, accomplish, effect, carry out, discharge, dispatch, conduct, carry on, do, fulfil, Colloq pull off, knock off, polish off; put up or shut up:
Postmen perform their duties despite hazards such as vicious dogs.
2 do, act, behave, operate, function, run, work, go, respond:
How does your new car perform?
3 present, stage, produce, put on, mount, do; act, depict, take, play, appear as:
The repertory group performs six shows weekly. He is performing the role of Scrooge.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 [VN] to do sth, such as a piece of work, task or duty: to perform an experiment / a miracle / a ceremony + She performs an important role in our organization. + This operation has never been performed in this country. + A computer can perform many tasks at once.
2 to entertain an audience by playing a piece of music, acting in a play, etc: [VN] to perform somersaults / magic tricks + The play was first performed in 1987. + I'd like to hear it performed live. + [V] to perform on the flute + I'm looking forward to seeing you perform.
3 [V] ~ (well / badly / poorly) to work or function well or badly: The engine seems to be performing well. + The company has been performing poorly over the past year. + If Owen performs (= performs well) then I believe England can win. + She performed less well in the second test.
Idioms see MIRACLE
Collocation Dictionary

1 do a task/duty/piece of work


effectively, efficiently, properly, successfully, well
ensuring that tasks are properly performed
| poorly | adequately, competently, reliably, satisfactorily | correctly | duly, faithfully
He duly performed his own half of the bargain and expected the others to do likewise.
| automatically | manually


be able/unable to
The prince is no longer able to perform his duties.
| be expected to


failure to perform sth
failure to perform a contract

2 work/function/play


brilliantly, efficiently, excellently, faultlessly, strongly, well
One or two of the players performed brilliantly. The company has been performing strongly over the past year.
| badly, disappointingly, disastrously, poorly
The car performed poorly at high speeds.
| adequately, competently, reliably, satisfactorily


be able/unable to | be expected to
students who are expected to perform well

3 give a performance


The group will be performing live on tonight's show.
| in public, publicly | together
The two artists have never performed together before.


first performed
The play was first publicly performed in 1872.
| rarely performed, see sth performed
I've never seen this play performed before.

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