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penetrate /'penitreit/
  • ngoại động từ
    • thâm nhập, lọt vào; nhìn xuyên qua
    • đâm thủng, xuyên qua; nhìn xuyên qua (màn đêm...)
    • làm thấm nhuần
      • to penetrate someone with an idea: làm cho ai thấm nhuần một tư tưởng
    • (nghĩa bóng) nhìn thấu, thấu suốt, hiểu thấu
      • to penetrate someone's mind: nhìn thấu được ý nghĩ của ai
      • to penetrate the truth: hiểu thấu sự thật
  • nội động từ
    • (+ into) thâm nhập, lọt vào
    • (+ to, through) xuyên đến, xuyên qua
    • thấu vào, thấm vào
Concise Dictionary
+pass into or through, often by overcoming resistance
+come to understand
+become clear or enter one's consciousness or emotions
+enter a group or organization in order to spy on the members
+make one's way deeper into or through
+insert the penis into the vagina or anus of
+spread or diffuse through

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 enter, go or pass through or into, pierce, bore (into), lance, spear, go through or into, probe, stab, puncture, perforate, drill:
The shell penetrated the tank's heavy armour.
2 permeate, diffuse, suffuse, pervade, filter or seep through, percolate through:
The soothing balm penetrated my aching body and I relaxed into a deep sleep
3 reach, get to, get at, touch, affect, hit, strike:
Her cruel words penetrated the darkest recesses of my soul.
4 sink in, be absorbed, be understood, register, come or get through, become clear, come across, be realized, Colloq soak in, seep in:
It took a while for it to penetrate that she did not wish to see him again
5 understand, sense, become aware or conscious of, see (through), gain insight (in)to, discern, uncover, discover, find (out), comprehend, grasp, work out, unravel, fathom, perceive, Colloq get, figure out, dig, Brit suss out:
Will we ever penetrate all of nature's secrets?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 ~ (into / through / to) sth to go into or through sth: [VN] The knife had penetrated his chest. + The sun's radiation penetrates the skin. + The cold seemed to penetrate his bones. + (figurative) The war penetrates every area of the nation's life. + [V] These fine particles penetrate deep into the lungs.
2 to succeed in entering or joining an organization, a group, etc. especially when this is difficult to do: [VN] They had penetrated airport security. + The party has been penetrated by extremists. + This year the company has been trying to penetrate new markets (= to start selling their products there). + [V] The troops had penetrated deep into enemy lines.
3 [VN] to see or show a way into or through sth: Our eyes could not penetrate the darkness. + The flashlights barely penetrated the gloom. + narrow alleys where the sun never penetrates
4 [VN] to understand or discover sth that is difficult to understand or is hidden: Science can penetrate many of nature's mysteries. + a style that is difficult to penetrate + No one could penetrate the meaning of the inscription.
5 to be understood or realized by sb: [V] I was at the door before his words penetrated. + [VN] None of my advice seems to have penetrated his thick skull (= he has not listened to any of it).
6 [VN] (of a man) to put the PENIS into the VAGINA or ANUS of a sexual partner
Collocation Dictionary


deep, deeply, far
caves penetrating deep into the hills
| fully, totally | hardly
The sunlight hardly penetrated the inner room.
| quickly | slowly
The news slowly penetrated his consciousness.
| easily, readily
These so-called secret societies were easily penetrated by intelligence agents.
| successfully


be able to, can/could | be difficult to | seem to
The cold seemed to penetrate his bones.
| fail to | allow sth to
Cut two slashes on each side of the fish to allow heat to penetrate.


It is not yet known how deeply the radiation has penetrated into the soil.
| through
The light could not penetrate through the thick curtains.
| to
The dust had penetrated to all corners of the room.

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