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payable /'peiəbl/
  • tính từ
    • có thể trả, phải trả
      • payable to bearer: trả cho người cầm giấy
    • có lợi
Thesaurus Dictionary
due, owed, owing, outstanding, unpaid, receivable, mature:
This bill is payable at the end of the month.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective [not before noun]
1 that must be paid or can be paid: A 10% deposit is payable in advance. + The price is payable in monthly instalments.
2 when a cheque, etc. is made payable to sb, their name is written on it and they can then pay it into their bank account: Please make the cheque payable to Rose Roger.
Collocation Dictionary


be | become
the date on which the rent becomes payable
| make sth
Cheques should be made payable to Brighton Borough Council.


This amount is payable immediately.


the costs payable by a client
| on
No tax is payable on these earnings.
| to
An initial fee is payable to the franchiser.

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