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pause /pɔ:z/
  • danh từ
    • sự tạm nghỉ, sự tạm ngừng
    • sự ngập ngừng
      • to give pause to: làm cho (ai) ngập ngừng
    • sự ngắt giọng (trong khi đang nói, đang đọc); chỗ ngắt giọng, chỗ ngắt
      • the after a short pause, he resumed his speech: sau khi ngắt giọng một giây, ông ấy lại tiếp tục bài diễn văn của mình
    • (âm nhạc) dấu dãn nhịp
    • nội động từ
      • tạm nghỉ, tạm ngừng
      • chờ đợi; ngập ngừng
      • (+ upon) ngừng lại
        • let us pause upon this phrase: chúng ta hãy ngừng lại ở nhóm từ này
    Concise Dictionary
    +a time interval during which there is a temporary cessation of something
    +temporary inactivity
    +interrupt temporarily an activity before continuing
    +cease an action temporarily

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 hesitate, interrupt, delay, hold up, discontinue, break, wait, mark time, suspend, intermit, falter, rest:
    He paused for a moment to allow late-comers to take their seats.
    2 hesitation, interruption, delay, lull, lapse, moratorium, hold-up, wait, break, breather, breathing-space, discontinuity, lacuna, hiatus, abeyance, discontinuation, discontinuance, Prosody caesura, Music fermata, Colloq let-up:
    There was a brief pause, then the altercation in the neighbouring flat resumed.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    verb, noun
    + verb
    1 [V] to stop talking or doing sth for a short time before continuing: Anita paused for a moment, then said:
    'All right'. + The woman spoke almost without pausing for breath (= very quickly). + I paused at the door and looked back. + Pausing only to pull on a sweater, he ran out of the house.

    2 [VN] to stop a tape, CD, etc. for a short time using the pause button: She paused the video and went to answer the phone.
    + noun
    1 ~ (in sth) a period of time during which sb stops talking or stops what they are doing: There was a long pause before she answered. + David waited for a pause in the conversation so he could ask Joe his question. + After a brief pause, they continued climbing. + The rain fell without pause. - BREAK
    2 (especially BrE) (also fermata especially in AmE) (music) a sign ({pause}) over a note or a REST to show that it should be longer than usual
    3 [U] (also pause button) a control that allows you to stop a TAPE RECORDER, CD player, etc. for a short time: Press pause to stop the tape.
    Idioms: give (sb) pause (BrE also give (sb) pause for thought) (formal) to make sb think seriously about sth or hesitate before doing sth: Popular resistance to the measures should give the government pause.
    more at PREGNANT
    Collocation Dictionary


    brief, momentary, short, slight, small | long, prolonged | frequent | awkward | pregnant


    Shall we take a pause here?


    In the pause that followed, I noticed that he was shaking.


    button (on a video recorder, etc.)


    after a/the ~
    ‘I don't know,’ he said after a long pause.
    | in a/the ~
    Everyone nodded in agreement in the pauses.
    | with a/ the ~
    He read very slowly and with frequent pauses.
    | without a/the ~
    She read the whole text without a pause.
    | ~ before
    There was a long pause before he spoke again.
    | ~ between
    in the pauses between his jokes
    | ~ for
    a pause for breath
    | ~ in
    during a pause in the conversation



    briefly, (for) a moment, (for) an instant, momentarily
    She paused a moment and then walked away.
    | barely, hardly
    He spoke for two hours and barely paused for breath.
    | deliberately
    She paused deliberately, her eyes holding his.
    | dramatically, impressively, meaningfully, significantly | reflectively, thoughtfully | irresolutely


    pause for breath/thought, pause only (long enough) to do sth
    Pausing only to put out her cigarette, she left the room.
    | pause to consider/look/reflect/think
    Just pause to think before giving me your answer.
    | without pausing
    Without pausing to knock, she opened the door.

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