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patter /'pætə/
  • danh từ
    • tiếng lộp độp (mưa rơi), tiếng lộp cộp (vó ngựa...)
    • nội động từ
      • rơi lộp độp (mưa...), chạy lộp cộp (vó ngựa...); kêu lộp cộp
      • ngoại động từ
        • làm rơi lộp độp; làm kêu lộp cộp
        • danh từ
          • tiếng lóng nhà nghề, tiếng lóng của một lớp người
          • câu nói giáo đầu liến thoắng (bắt vào bài hát)
          • lời (của một bài hát, của một vở kịch vui)
          • lời nói ba hoa rỗng tuếch
          • ngoại động từ
            • nhắc lại một cách liến thoắng máy móc; lầm rầm (khấn, cầu kinh...)
            • nội động từ
              • nói liến thoắng
            Concise Dictionary
            +plausible glib talk (especially useful to a salesperson)
            +a quick succession of light rapid sounds
            +rain gently
            +make light, rapid and repeated sounds

            Thesaurus Dictionary
            1 tiptoe; scurry, scuttle, skip, trip:
            I could hear the squirrels pattering across the metal roof.
            2 spatter, pitter-patter, tap, pit-a-pat; beat, pelt:
            The rain pattered on the tent with increasing intensity.
            3 spatter, spattering, pit-a-pat, pitter-patter, tattoo, drum, thrum, beat, beating, tap, ratatat, tap-tap:
            The rhythmical patter of the rain lulled me to sleep.
            1 pitch, sales talk, spiel, line:
            Anyone listening to his patter might be inclined to buy a time-share holiday
            2 chatter, prattle, prate, babbling, babble, gabble, gabbling, cackle, cackling, palaver, jabber, jabbering, chit-chat, small talk, gossip, blather or blether, gibberish or gibber, Chiefly Brit natter, nattering, Scots clishmaclaver, Colloq gab, gabbing, Slang gas, hot air, yackety-yack, yack:
            The chap tapping our phone had to listen to the teenagers' patter for hours on end.
            3 chatter, prattle, prate, babble, gabble, cackle, palaver, jabber, rattle (on), chit-chat, chaffer, gossip, blather or blether, gibber, Chiefly Brit natter, witter (on), Colloq gab, Slang gas, yackety-yack, yack, jibber-jabber:
            They just patter on about nothing in particular.
            Advanced English Dictionary
            noun, verb
            + noun
            1 [sing.] the sound that is made by sth repeatedly hitting a surface quickly and lightly: the patter of feet / footsteps + the patter of rain on the roof
            2 [U, sing.] fast continuous talk by sb who is trying to sell you sth or entertain you: sales patter
            Idioms: the patter of tiny feet (informal or humorous) a way of referring to children when sb wants, or is going to have, a baby: We can't wait to hear the patter of tiny feet.
            + verb [V +adv./prep.]
            1 to make quick, light sounds as a surface is being hit several times: Rain pattered against the window.
            2 to walk with light steps in a particular direction: I heard her feet pattering along the corridor.
            Collocation Dictionary


            gently, lightly, softly | down
            The rain pattered down softly.


            Footsteps pattered across the floor.
            | against, along
            The child's feet pattered along the landing.
            | on
            Rain pattered lightly on the window.

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