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partly /'pɑ:tli/
  • phó từ
    • một phần, phần nào
Concise Dictionary
+in part; in some degree; not wholly
Thesaurus Dictionary
See partially, above.
1 sharer, partaker, associate, colleague, participant, accomplice, accessory, confederate, comrade, ally, collaborator, companion, team-mate, fellow, alter ego, friend, Colloq pal, sidekick, mate, US and Canadian buddy, cohort:
His partner in the bank robbery was arrested this morning.
2 wife or husband, spouse, mate, helpmate, helpmeet, consort:
She became my life partner more than 50 years ago.
3 companion, fellow-dancer:
Won't you change partners and dance with me?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adverb
to some extent; not completely: Some people are unwilling to attend the classes partly because of the cost involved. + He was only partly responsible for the accident.

partly / partially
Partly and partially both mean 'not completely': The road is partly/partially finished. Partly is especially used to talk about the reason for something, often followed by because or due to:
I didn't enjoy the trip very much, partly because of the weather. Partially should be used when you are talking about physical conditions:
His mother is partially blind.

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