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pare /peə/
  • ngoại động từ
    • cắt, gọt, đẽo, xén; xén bớt chỗ nham nhở
      • to pare a fruit: gọt vỏ quả
    • ((thường) + away, down) (nghĩa bóng) giảm dần, bớt dần, làm nhỏ dần
    • to pare away (off)
      • cắt đi, xén đi, gọt đi, cạo đi
    • to pare to the quick
      • gọt (móng tay...) sắt quá đến tận chỗ thấy đau
Concise Dictionary
pares|pared|paringper /peə
+decrease gradually or bit by bit
+cut small bits or pare shavings from
+strip the skin off
+remove the edges from and cut down to the desired size

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 trim, peel, skin, shave (off), shuck; decorticate, excoriate:
Pare the apples and then grate them coarsely.
2 Often, pare down. reduce, diminish, decrease, cut (back or down), curtail, slash (back), lower, lessen:
Since his illness, Bob has pared down his time at the office. We'll have to pare our prices to stay competitive in the present climate.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb [VN]
1 ~ sth (off / away) to remove the thin outer layer of sth: First, pare the rind from the lemon. + She pared the apple. + He pared away the excess glue with a razor blade.
2 ~ sth (back / down) to gradually reduce the size or amount: The training budget has been pared back to a minimum. + The workforce has been pared to the bone (= reduced to the lowest possible level).
3 (especially BrE) to cut away the edges of sth, especially your nails, in order to make them smooth and neat
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