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pardon /'pɑ:dn/
  • danh từ
    • sự tha thứ, sự tha lỗi
      • to ask for pardon: xin tha thứ
      • I beg your pardon: xin lỗi; xin nhắc lại
    • (pháp lý) sự ăn xài
      • general pardon: đại ân xá
  • ngoại động từ
    • tha thứ, tha lỗi, xá tội
Concise Dictionary
pardons|pardoned|pardoning'pɑrdn /'pɑːdn
+the act of excusing a mistake or offense
+a warrant granting release from punishment for an offense
+the formal act of liberating someone
+accept an excuse for
+grant a pardon to

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 forgiveness, forgiving, amnesty, remission, release, reprieval, absolution, indulgence, excuse, excusal, allowance, overlooking, condonation, exoneration, exculpation:
Should there be any pardon for crimes against humanity?
2 forgive, remit, release, reprieve, absolve, indulge, allow, overlook, let off, excuse, condone, exonerate, exculpate:
There are some crimes that ought not be pardoned.
Advanced English Dictionary
exclamation, noun, verb
+ exclamation
1 (also pardon me especially in AmE) used to ask sb to repeat sth because you did not hear it or did not understand it: 'You're very quiet today.' 'Pardon?' 'I said you're very quiet today.'
2 (also pardon me) used by some people to say 'sorry' when they have accidentally made a rude noise, or said or done sth wrong
+ noun
1 (also BrE, law free pardon) [C] an official decision not to punish sb for a crime, or to say that sb is not guilty of a crime: to ask / grant / receive a pardon + a royal / presidential pardon + (AmE) The Pardon Board has no power to stop execution.
2 [U] (formal) ~ (for sth) the action of forgiving sb for sth: He asked her pardon for having deceived her.
Idioms see BEG
+ verb (not usually used in the progressive tenses)
1 [VN] to officially allow sb who has been found guilty of a crime to leave prison and/or avoid punishment: She was pardoned after serving ten years of a life sentence.
2 ~ sb (for sth / for doing sth) to forgive sb for sth they have said or done (used in many expressions when you want to be polite)
Synonym: EXCUSE
[VN] Pardon my ignorance, but what is a 'duplex'? + The place was, if you'll pardon the expression, a dump. + (BrE) You could be pardoned for thinking (= it is easy to understand why people think) that education is not the government's priority. + Pardon me for interrupting you. + [VN -ing] Pardon my asking, but is that your husband? [also VNN]
Idioms: pardon me (spoken)
1 (especially AmE) used to ask sb to repeat sth because you did not hear it or do not understand it
2 used by some people to say 'sorry' when they have accidentally made a rude noise or done sth wrong
pardon me for doing sth used to show that you are upset or offended by the way that sb has spoken to you: 'Oh, just shut up!' 'Well, pardon me for breathing!'
Collocation Dictionary


full | partial | conditional | general | free | posthumous | presidential, royal


give sb, grant sb | offer sb
The government offered a free pardon to the rebels.
| buy, obtain, receive | ask (for), seek | refuse


~ for
She asked for pardon for her crime.

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