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paradoxical /,pærə'dɔksikəl/
  • tính từ
    • ngược đời, nghịch lý
Thesaurus Dictionary
contradictory, self-contradictory, conflicting, oxymoronic, impossible, improbable, incongruous, illogical, inconsistent, absurd, ambiguous, confusing, equivocal, enigmatic, puzzling, baffling, incomprehensible, bewildering, perplexing, mysterious, problematic:
It would be true, though it might sound paradoxical, to say that the Norman Conquest made England Saxon.
Collocation Dictionary


appear, be, seem, sound


distinctly, very | slightly, somewhat | seemingly
trying to understand her seemingly paradoxical behaviour
| inherently | curiously
He found himself in a curiously paradoxical situation.

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