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paltry /'pɔ:ltri/
  • tính từ
    • không đáng kể, tầm thương, nhỏ mọn; đáng khinh, ti tiện
      • a paltry sum: món tiền nhỏ mọn
      • a paltry excuse: lý do vớ vẩn
Concise Dictionary
+not worth considering
+contemptibly small in amount

Thesaurus Dictionary
trifling, trivial, petty, small, insignificant, worthless, pitiful, pathetic, pitiable, puny, sorry, wretched, miserable, inconsequential, inconsiderable, unimportant, meagre, mean, beggarly, base, low, contemptible, Colloq piddling, Brit twopenny, twopenny-halfpenny, mingy, US penny-ante, Slang Mickey Mouse:
Despite his wealth, his charitable contributions are paltry. We all recognize Denison for the paltry pedant he is.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective [usually before noun]
1 (of an amount) too small to be considered as important or useful: This account offers a paltry 1% return on your investment. + a paltry sum
2 having no value or useful qualities: a paltry excuse / gesture

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