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pale /peil/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm rào bao quanh, quây rào
    • làm tái đi, làm nhợt nhạt, làm xanh xám
    • nội động từ
      • tái đi, nhợt nhạt, xanh xám
      • (nghĩa bóng) lu mờ đi
        • my work paled beside his: công trình của tôi lu mờ đi bên cạnh công trình của anh ấy
    • tính từ
      • tái, nhợt nhạt, xanh xám
        • to be pale with fear: sợ xanh mặt
        • to look pale: trông nhợt nhạt
        • to turn pale: tái đi
      • nhợt (màu); lờ mờ, yếu ớt (ánh sáng)
    Concise Dictionary
    +a wooden strip forming part of a fence
    +turn pale, as if in fear
    +very light colored; highly diluted with white
    +(of light) lacking in intensity or brightness; dim or feeble
    +lacking in vitality or interest or effectiveness
    +abnormally deficient in color as suggesting physical or emotional distress
    +not full or rich

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 colourless, white, wan, sallow, waxen, livid, ashen, ashy, pallid, bloodless, whitish, pasty, whey-faced, washed out, anaemic, blanched, drained, ghostly, ghastly, peaky or peakish, peaked, cadaverous:
    If you had been through an ordeal like that, you'd look pale, too
    2 faint, light, dim, washed out, pastel:
    She was wearing a pale green evening gown tonight.
    3 feeble, weak, flimsy, meagre, enfeebled, ineffective, ineffectual, puny, insignificant, paltry, lame, poor, inadequate, half-hearted, tame, spiritless, whey-faced, empty, sterile, lifeless, uninspired, anaemic, Colloq half-baked:
    The sequel was a pale imitation of the original film.
    4 blanch, blench, dim, whiten:
    He paled when they told him of the car crash.
    5 diminish, lessen, fade (away), decrease, abate:
    The works of most modern writers pale in comparison with those of the Elizabethans.
    1 paling, palisade, picket, upright, post, stake:
    The pales are attached to horizontal rails to form a fence.
    2 boundary, limit(s), restriction, bounds, border(s), confines:
    Nothing is outside the pale of the imagination of a great novelist.
    3 beyond the pale. improper, irregular, unseemly, unsuitable, indecent, unacceptable, inadmissible, forbidden, anathema, disallowed, prohibited, verboten, interdicted; US unusual, bizarre, peculiar, outré, weird, abnormal, strange:
    The committee have found your behaviour to be beyond the pale, Frances, and we demand your resignation.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    adjective, verb, noun
    + adjective (paler, palest)
    1 (of a person, their face, etc.) having skin that is almost white; having skin that is whiter than usual because of illness, a strong emotion, etc: a pale complexion + pale with anger / fear / shock + to go / turn pale + You look pale. Are you OK? + The ordeal left her looking pale and drawn.
    See also - PALLOR
    2 light in colour; containing a lot of white: pale blue eyes + a paler shade of green + a pale sky
    Antonym: DARK, DEEP
    3 (of light) not strong or bright: the cold pale light of dawn
    See also - PALLID
    palely adverb: Mark stared palely (= with a pale face) at his plate.
    paleness noun [U]
    + verb [V] ~ (at sth) (written) to become paler than usual: She (= her face) paled visibly at the sight of the police car. + The blue of the sky paled to a light grey.
    Idioms: pale beside / next to sth
    pale in / by comparison (with / to sth)
    pale into insignificance to seem less important when compared with sth else: Last year's riots pale in comparison with this latest outburst of violence. + Our problems pale into insignificance when compared to theirs.
    + noun
    Idioms: beyond the pale considered by most people to be unacceptable or unreasonable: His remarks were clearly beyond the pale. + She has put herself beyond the pale (= behaved in a way that is unacceptable).
    Collocation Dictionary


    appear, be, look, seem | become, go, grow, turn
    Ruth went pale as the news sank in.
    | remain


    deathly, extremely, sickly, terribly, very
    He turned deathly pale.
    | a bit, a little, quite, rather, slightly | strangely, unnaturally


    pale and drawn
    He looked pale and drawn.

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