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overthrown /'ouvəθrou/
  • danh từ
    • sự lật đổ, sự phá đổ, sự đạp đổ
    • sự đánh bại hoàn toàn
    • ngoại động từ overthrew; overthrown
      • lật đổ, phá đổ, đạp đổ
      • đánh bại hoàn toàn
    Concise Dictionary
    +throw a ball beyond the intended mark (Sports); cause to fall down, overturn; remove a person or group of people from power, oust; abolish, put an end to (an institution, convention, etc.)
    +the termination of a ruler or institution (especially by force)
    +the act of disturbing the mind or body
    +cause the downfall of; of rulers
    +rule against

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 defeat, beat, rout, conquer, overpower, master, bring down, depose, oust, overwhelm, unseat, unhorse, topple, overturn, dethrone, thrash, worst, best:
    The new leader was overthrown by the partisans in two weeks. Cotswold Rangers overthrew Kent United in last night's match at Hurley.
    2 defeat, rout, conquest, deposing, ousting, unseating, toppling, overturn, overturning, downfall, end, ruin, fall, collapse, destruction, suppression, quashing, crushing, subjugation, US ouster:
    The overthrow of the military regime was followed by weeks of rioting and looting.

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