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outlay /'autlei/
  • danh từ
    • tiền chi tiêu, tiền phí tổn
    • ngoại động từ outlaid
      • tiêu pha tiền
    Concise Dictionary
    +the act of spending or disbursing money
    +money paid out

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    expense, cost, expenditure, spending, disbursement, payment:
    The city council refused to approve the outlay for a new swimming-pool.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    + noun
    [C, U] ~ (on sth) the money that you have to spend in order to start a new project or to save yourself money or time later: The business quickly repaid the initial outlay on advertising. + a massive financial / capital outlay
    Collocation Dictionary


    considerable, huge, large, massive | modest, small | initial
    The revenue from the farm could repay the initial outlay within three years.
    | total | capital, cash, financial, investment


    make | require
    The project would require little financial outlay.
    | recoup, recover | repay


    ~ on
    The railway had made a considerable capital outlay on new rolling stock.

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