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outfit /'autfit/
  • danh từ
    • đồ trang bị, quần áo giày mũ...; bộ đồ nghề
      • carpenter's outfit: bộ đồ nghề thợ mộc
    • sự trang bị đầy đủ (để đi đâu...)
    • (thông tục) tổ, đội (thợ...)
    • (quân sự) đơn vị
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) hãnh kinh doanh
    • ngoại động từ
      • cung cấp, trang bị
    Concise Dictionary
    +any cohesive unit such as a military company
    +a set of clothing (with accessories)
    +gear consisting of a set of articles or tools for a specified purpose
    +provide with (something) usually for a specific purpose
    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 gear, rig, equipment, equipage, apparatus, accoutrements or US also accouterments, paraphernalia, trappings, tackle, tack, utensils:
    His mountain-climbing outfit turned out to be extremely expensive.
    2 clothes, costume, ensemble; attire, garb, clothing, dress; Colloq get-up, togs:
    She was wearing a very weird outfit that attracted a lot of stares.
    3 firm, concern, business, organization, company, (military) unit, corporation; party, set, group; Colloq set-up:
    I joined the outfit when it consisted of only a hundred people.
    4 fit (out or up), equip, kit out, provision, stock, accoutre or US also accouter, rig (out or up), supply, furnish:
    The shop is prepared to outfit anyone for anything from a walk in the country to an African safari or an Arctic expedition.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, verb
    + noun
    1 [C] a set of clothes that you wear together, especially for a particular occasion or purpose: She was wearing an expensive new outfit. + a wedding outfit + a cowboy / Superman outfit (= one that you wear for fun in order to look like the type of person mentioned)
    2 [C+sing./pl. v.] (informal) a group of people working together as an organization, business, team, etc: a market research outfit + The team were beaten by Dave Bassett's outfit last season. + This was the fourth album by the top rock outfit.
    3 [C] a set of equipment that you need for a particular purpose: a bicycle repair outfit
    + verb (-tt-) [VN] [often passive] ~ sth/sb (with sth) (especially AmE) to provide sb/sth with equipment or clothes for a special purpose: The ship was outfitted with a 12-bed hospital.
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 set of clothes worn together


    complete | new | summer, winter | interview, party, wedding, etc. | clown, cowboy, etc.


    in a/the ~
    He looked very smart in his new outfit.

    2 organization/company, etc.


    large | small | professional | cowboy, dodgy | computer, publishing, etc.

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