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ought to

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modal verb (negative ought not to, short form especially BrE oughtn't to)
1 used to say what is the right thing to do: They ought to apologize. + 'Ought I to write to say thank you?' 'Yes, I think you ought (to).' + They ought to have apologized (= but they didn't). + Such things ought not to be allowed. + He oughtn't to have been driving so fast. - SHOULD
2 used to say what you expect or would like to happen: Children ought to be able to read by the age of 7. + Nurses ought to earn more.
3 used to say what you advise or recommend: We ought to be leaving now. + This is delicious. You ought to try some. + You ought to have come to the meeting. It was interesting.
4 used to say what has probably happened or is probably true: If he started out at nine, he ought to be here by now. + That ought to be enough food for the four of us. + Oughtn't the water to have boiled by now? - MODAL

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