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opinion /ə'pinjən/
  • danh từ
    • ý kiến, quan điểm
      • in my opinion: theo ý kiến tôi
      • a matter of opinion: một vấn đề có thể tranh cãi
    • dư luận
      • public opinion: dư luận, công luận
    • sự đánh giá; (+ phủ định) sự đánh giá cao
      • to have a high opinion of somebody: đánh giá cao người nào
      • to have no opinion of somebody: không đánh giá ai cao
Concise Dictionary
+a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty
+a belief or sentiment shared by most people; the voice of the people
+a message expressing a belief about something; the expression of a belief that is held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof
+the legal document stating the reasons for a judicial decision
+the reason for a court's judgment (as opposed to the decision itself)
+a vague idea in which some confidence is placed

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 belief, judgement, thought, sentiment, (point of) view, viewpoint, conviction, way of thinking, perception, idea, impression, notion, conception, theory, idée reçu; mind:
It is my opinion that sickness benefits ought to be increased. In her opinion all men are chauvinists
2 evaluation, estimation, estimate, appraisal, appreciation, impression:
Myra has a very low opinion of Ray's taste in architecture.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C] ~ (about / of / on sb/sth)
~ (that ...) your feelings or thoughts about sb/sth, rather than a fact: We were invited to give our opinions about how the work should be done. + I've recently changed my opinion of her. + Everyone had a different opinion on the subject. + The chairman expressed the opinion that job losses were inevitable. + He has very strong political opinions. + In my opinion, it's a very sound investment. + (formal) It is our opinion that he should resign. + (spoken) If you want my opinion, I think you'd be crazy not to accept.
2 [U] the beliefs or views of a group of people: Public opinion is shifting in favour of change. + legal / medical / political opinion (= the beliefs of people working in the legal, etc. profession) + There is a difference of opinion (= people disagree) as to the merits of the plan. + Opinion is divided on the issue. + There is a wide body of opinion that supports this proposal. + Which is the better is a matter of opinion (= people have different opinions about it).
3 [C] advice from a professional person: They called in a psychologist to give an independent opinion. + I'd like a second opinion (= advice from another person) before I make a final decision.
Idioms: be of the opinion that ... (formal) to believe or think that ...: We are strongly of the opinion that great caution should be exercised in dealing with this matter.
have a good, bad, high, low, etc. opinion of sb/sth to think that sb/sth is good, bad, etc: The boss has a very high opinion of her.
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Collocation Dictionary

1 what you think about sb/sth


good, high | low, poor | strong | conflicting, different, mixed
Opinions are mixed regarding genetically-modified food.
| honest
If you want my honest opinion, I think the book is awful.
| expert, informed,
professional | considered |
personal, subjective | objective | contrary, dissenting | majority | minority | second
If in doubt about your diagnosis, get a second opinion.


entertain, have, hold | air, express, give (sb), offer (sb), pass, state, venture, voice
The bishop spoke without passing any opinion on the scandal.
| ask sb, seek
He asked me for my opinion on the course.
| get | form
I formed the opinion that he was not to be trusted.
| change


change | differ, vary
Opinions differ as to when this wine should be drunk.


in your ~
In my opinion, golf is a dull sport.
| ~ about/on
She holds strong opinions on education.
| ~ as to
opinions as to the merits of the scheme
| ~ of
He has a very high opinion of your work.


be of the opinion that …
(formal) (= to believe or think that),
a difference of opinion
a genuine difference of opinion between the experts
| in my humble opinion
a matter of opinion
‘London is wonderful.’ ‘That's a matter of opinion.’

2 what people in general think about sth


prevailing | general, popular, public
Contrary to popular opinion, many adult cats dislike milk.
| international, local, national | expert, informed, professional | academic, legal, medical, political


This view is supported by a growing body of professional opinion.


mould, shape
attempts to shape public opinion


be against sth, be in favour of sth
Prevailing local opinion is against the new road proposals.
| be divided
Public opinion is divided on the subject of capital punishment.


poll | former, leader


~ among
Opinion among doctors is that the medication is safe.


climate of opinion
in the present climate of opinion
| shades of opinion
all shades of political opinion

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