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one /wʌn/
  • tính từ
    • một
      • room one: phòng một
      • volume one: tập một
      • the Vietnamese nation is one and undivided: dân tộc Việt Nam là một và thống nhất
      • he will be one in a month: một tháng nữa thì nó sẽ lên một
    • như thế không thay đổi
      • to remain for ever one: mâi mâi như thế, mâi mâi không thay đổi
    • all one
      • (xem) all
    • to be made one
      • kết hôn, lấy nhau
  • danh từ
    • một
      • to come by ones and twos: đến từng một hay hai người một
      • goods that are sold in ones: hàng hoá bán từng cái một
      • never a one: không một ai
    • một giờ
      • he will come at one: một giờ anh ấy sẽ đến
    • cú đấm
      • to give someone one on the nose: đấm ai một cú vào mũi
    • the all and the one
      • tính tống thể và tính thống nhất
    • at one
      • đã làm lành (với ai)
    • đồng ý (với ai)
    • in the year one
      • (xem) year
    • it's ten to one that he won't come
      • chắc chắn là anh ta sẽ không đến
    • one by one
      • lần lượt từng người một, từng cái một
    • one after another
      • (xem) another
  • danh từ
    • một người nào đó, một (người, vật...)
      • many a one: nhiều người
      • the dear ones: người thân thuộc
      • the Holy One: Chúa, Thượng đế
      • the Evil One: quỷ, quỷ sứ
    • người ta, ai
      • it offends one in to be told one is not wanted: bị bảo là không cần thì ai mà chẳng bực
Concise Dictionary
+the smallest whole number or a numeral representing this number
+a single person or thing
+used of a single unit or thing; not two or more
+having the indivisible character of a unit
+of the same kind or quality
+used informally as an intensifier
+indefinite in time or position
+being a single entity made by combining separate components
+eminent beyond or above comparison

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 single, lone, solitary, individual, sole, only:
The one time I kissed Margie it was heaven.
2 unified, united, inseparable, joined, undivided, one and the same, identical, equal, at one, harmonious, in unison, whole, entire, complete:
When he went into a trance, he felt one with his God.
3 a particular, a certain, a given, a specific:
I recall one occasion when she brought all her dogs into work.
4 a person, an individual, a man or a woman, everybody, everyone, anybody, anyone; people; Possibly offensive man:
One ought to treat others as one would like to be treated. One cannot be too careful these days.
5 joke, story, anecdote, chestnut, one-liner; limerick, rhyme, ditty, song; bromide:
Have you heard the one that begins, 'There was a young man from Loch Ness'?
Advanced English Dictionary
number, determiner, pronoun
number, determiner
1 the number 1: Do you want one or two? + There's only room for one person. + One more, please! + a one-bedroomed apartment + I'll see you at one (= one o'clock).
2 used in formal language or for emphasis before hundred, thousand, etc., or before a unit of measurement: It cost one hundred and fifty pounds. + He lost by less than one second.
3 used for emphasis to mean 'a single' or 'just one': There's only one thing we can do.
4 a person or thing, especially when they are part of a group: One of my friends lives in Brighton. + One place I'd really like to visit is Bali.
5 used for emphasis to mean 'the only one' or 'the most important one': He's the one person I can trust. + Her one concern was for the health of her baby. + It's the one thing I can't stand about him.
6 used when you are talking about a time in the past or the future, without actually saying which one: I saw her one afternoon last week. + One day (= at some time in the future) you'll understand.
7 the same: They all went off in one direction.
8 (spoken, especially AmE) used for emphasis instead of a or an: That was one hell of a game! + She's one snappy dresser.
9 used with a person's name to show that the speaker does not know the person
Synonym: A CERTAIN
He worked as an assistant to one Mr Ming.
Idioms: as one (formal) in agreement; all together: We spoke as one on this matter.
(be) at one (with sb/sth) (formal) to feel that you completely agree with sb/sth, or that you are part of sth: a place where you can feel at one with nature
for one used to emphasize that a particular person does sth and that you believe other people do too: I, for one, would prefer to postpone the meeting.
get sth in one to understand or guess sth immediately: 'Oh, so she's his sister!' 'Got it in one!'
get one over (on) sb/sth (informal) to get an advantage over sb/sth: I'm not going to let them get one over on me!
go one better (than sb/sth) to do sth better than sb else or than you have done before
Synonym: OUTDO
She did well this year and next year she hopes to go one better.
in one used to say that sb/sth has different roles, contains different things or is used for different purposes: She's a mother and company director in one. + It's a public relations office, a press office and a private office all in one.
See also - ALL-IN-ONE
one after another / the other first one person or thing, and then another, and then another, up to any number or amount: The bills kept coming in, one after another.
one and all (old-fashioned, informal) everyone: Happy New Year to one and all!
one and only used to emphasize that sb is famous: Here he is, the one and only Van Morrison!
one and the same used for emphasis to mean 'the same': I never realized Ruth Rendell and Barbara Vine were one and the same (= the same person).
one by one separately and in order: I went through the items on the list one by one.
one or two a few: We've had one or two problems-nothing serious.
one up (on sb) having an advantage over sb
more at ALL pron., MINORITY, NUMBER n., SQUARE n.
+ pronoun
1 used to avoid repeating a noun, when you are referring to sb/sth that has already been mentioned, or that the person you are speaking to knows about: I'd like an ice cream. Are you having one, too? + Our car's always breaking down. But we're getting a new one soon. + She was wearing her new dress, the red one. + My favourite band? Oh, that's a hard one (= a hard question). + What made you choose the one rather than the other? + (BrE) How about those ones over there?
2 used when you are identifying the person or thing you are talking about: Our house is the one next to the school. + The students who are most successful are usually the ones who come to all the classes.
3 ~ of a person or thing belonging to a particular group: It's a present for one of my children. + We think of you as one of the family.
4 ~ (to do sth) a person of the type mentioned: 10 o'clock is too late for the little ones. + He ached to be home with his loved ones. + She was never one to criticize.
5 (formal) used to mean 'people in general' or 'I', when the speaker is referring to himself or herself: One should never criticize if one is not sure of one's facts. + One gets the impression that they disapprove.
Help Note: This use of one is very formal and now sounds old-fashioned. It is much more usual to use you for 'people in general' and I when you are talking about yourself.
6 (a one) (old-fashioned, especially BrE) a person whose behaviour is amusing or surprising: Oh, you are a one!
7 the ~ about sth the joke: Have you heard the one about the Englishman, the Irishman and the Scotsman?
Idioms: be (a) one for (doing) sth to be a person who enjoys sth, or who does sth often or well: I've never been a great one for fish and chips.
One/ones is used to avoid repeating a countable noun, but there are some times when you should not use it, especially in formal speech or writing: 1 After a possessive (my, your, Mary's, etc.), some, any, both or a number, unless it is used with an adjective:
We'd like to exchange our home with a British family's (home). + We'd like to exchange our home with that of a British family. + ...with a British family's one. + My cheap camera takes better pictures than his expensive one. + 'Did you get any postcards?' 'Yes, I bought four/four nice ones.' + I bought four ones.

2 It can be left out after superlatives, this, that, these, those, either, neither, another, which, etc.: 'Here are the designs. Which (one) do you prefer?' 'I think that (one) looks the most original.'
3 These ones and those ones are not used in AmE, and are unusual in BrE: Do you prefer these designs or those?
4 It is never used to replace uncountable nouns and is unusual with abstract countable nouns: The Scottish legal system is not the same as the English system, is better than ...as the English one.

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