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old /ould/
  • tính từ
    • già
      • an old man: một ông già
      • my old man: (thông tục) bà nhà tôi
      • an old woman: bà già; người nhút nhát; người hay làm rối lên, người nhặng xị
      • an old maid: gái già; bà cô, người kỹ tính và hay lo lắng
    • già giặn, có kinh nghiệm, lão luyện
      • old head on young shoulders: ít tuổi nhưng già giặn
      • old in diplomacy: có kinh nghiệm về ngoại giao
      • an old bird: cáo già
      • an old hand: tay lão luyện
    • lên... tuổi, thọ
      • he is ten years old: nó lên mười (tuổi)
    • cũ, nát, rách, cổ
      • old clothes: quần áo cũ
      • old friends: những bạn cũ
      • old as the hills: cổ như những trái đồi
    • thân mến (để gọi)
      • look here, old man!: này!, ông bạn thân mến!
    • xưa, ngày xưa
      • old Hanoi: Hà nội ngày xưa
    • the Old World
      • đông bán cầu
    • the good old times: thời oanh liệt xưa, thời đẹp đẽ xưa, thời huy hoàng xưa
    • old man of the sea
      • người bám như đỉa
    • any old thing
      • (từ lóng) bất cứ cái gì
    • to have a good (fine, high) old time
      • (từ lóng) nghỉ rất thoải mái
    • my old bones
      • (xem) bone
    • the old man
      • cái thân này, cái thân già này
  • danh từ
    • of old xưa, ngày xưa
      • the men of old: người xưa
      • I have heard it of old: tôi nghe thấy vấn đề đó từ lâu rồi
Concise Dictionary
+past times (especially in the phrase `in days of old')
+(used especially of persons) having lived for a relatively long time or attained a specific age
+of long duration; not new
+(used for emphasis) very familiar
+just preceding something else in time or order
+of a very early stage in development
+old in experience
+belonging to some prior time
+(used informally especially for emphasis)

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 elderly, ageing, aged, advanced in years or age, long-lived, past one's prime, grey, full of years, getting on (in years), hoary, superannuated, Colloq over the hill, past it:
Bill is too old to continue working in the mine.
2 ancient, antiquated, antediluvian, fossil, prehistoric, Noachian, obsolete, antique, outdated, out of date, old-time, dated, archaic, stale, out-moded, passé, Literary Ogygian:
The archaeological dig has turned up some interesting old artefacts.
3 time-worn, decayed, dilapidated, ramshackle, disintegrated, crumbling, shabby, worn out, dusty, broken-down, tumbledown, disused, unused, cast off, cast aside:
They have torn down the old mill near the river.
4 long-standing, well-established, enduring, lasting, age-old, time-honoured:
It is hard to see an old friendship die.
5 former, olden, bygone, early, primordial, primitive:
In the old days, it took a week to travel from London to Edinburgh.
6 previous, preceding, prior, former, quondam, erstwhile, one-time, ex-:
The West End was my old stamping-ground when I lived in London.
7 experienced, veteran, practised, (well-)versed, knowledgeable, proficient, accomplished, adept, skilled, expert, old-time:
Charles is an old hand at steam engines.
8 dear, beloved, loved, esteemed, valued, precious, well-known, intimate, close, familiar:
Penelope is an old friend of the family's.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective (older, oldest)
1 be ...years, months, etc. ~ of a particular age: The baby was only a few hours old. + In those days most people left school when they were only fifteen years old. + At thirty years old, he was already earning £40 000 a year. + two fourteen-year-old boys + a class for five-year-olds (= children who are five) + I didn't think she was old enough for the responsibility. + How old is this building?
not young
2 having lived for a long time; no longer young: to get / grow old + The old man lay propped up on cushions. + She was a woman grown old before her time (= who looked older than she was).
Antonym: YOUNG
3 (the old) noun [pl.] old people: The old feel the cold more than the young.
not new
4 having existed or been used for a long time: old customs / beliefs / habits + He always gives the same old excuses. + This carpet's getting pretty old now.
Antonym: NEW
5 [only before noun] former; belonging to past times or a past time in your life: Things were different in the old days. + I went back to visit my old school. + Old and Middle English
6 [only before noun] used to refer to sth that has been replaced by sth else: We had more room in our old house.
Antonym: NEW
7 [only before noun] known for a long time: She's an old friend of mine (= I have known her for a long time). + We're old rivals.
Compare: RECENT
good old / poor old
8 [only before noun] (spoken) used to show affection or a lack of respect: Good old Dad! + You poor old thing! + I hate her, the silly old cow!
Idioms: any old how (spoken) in a careless or untidy way: The books were piled up all over the floor any old how.
as old as the hills very old; ancient
any old ... (spoken) any item of the type mentioned (used when it is not important which particular item is chosen): Any old room would have done.
for old times' sake if you do sth for old times' sake, you do it because it is connected with sth good that happened to you in the past
the good / bad old days an earlier period of time in your life or in history that is seen as better/worse than the present: That was in the bad old days of rampant inflation.
of old (formal or literary) in or since past times: in days of old + We know him of old (= we have known him for a long time).
old boy, chap, man, etc. (old-fashioned, BrE, informal) used by older men of the middle and upper classes as a friendly way of addressing another man
old enough to be sb's father / mother (disapproving) very much older than sb (especially used to suggest that a romantic or sexual relationship between the two people is not appropriate)
old enough to know better old enough to behave in a more sensible way than you actually did
(have) an old head on young shoulders used to describe a young person who acts in a more sensible way than you would expect for a person of their age
the (same) old story what usually happens: It's the same old story of a badly managed project with inadequate funding.
an old wives' tale (disapproving) an old idea or belief that has been proved not to be scientific: the old wives' tale that make-up ruins the skin
one of the old school an old-fashioned person who likes to do things as they were done in the past
more at CHIP n., GRAND adj., HEAVE-HO, HIGH adj., MONEY, RIPE, SETTLE v., TEACH, TOUGH adj., TRICK n.
older / elder
The usual comparative and superlative forms of old are older and oldest: My brother is older than me. + The palace is the oldest building in the city. In BrE you can also use elder and eldest when comparing the ages of people, especially members of the same family, although these words are not common in speech now. As adjectives they are only used before a noun and you cannot say 'elder than':
my older/elder sister + the elder/older of their two children + I'm the eldest/oldest in the family.
Collocation Dictionary

1 age


be, feel, look, seem
You are as old as you feel.


He's old enough by now to manage his own affairs.


six months, ten years, etc. old

2 not young


be, feel, look, seem, sound
The way the young people rushed about made her feel old. He was beginning to look old.
| become, get, grow
We're all getting older. As they grow older, they develop new interests.


extremely, terribly, very | fairly, quite
She was quite old when she got married.

3 not new




extremely, really, terribly, very
It's a very old tradition.
| fairly, quite


oldest known
These are some of the oldest known fossil remains.
| oldest remaining
It's one of the oldest remaining parts of the church.
| oldest surviving
It's the world's oldest surviving ship.

4 shows affection/lack of respect


boring/silly old
boring old history books She's a silly old cow!
| dear/good old
Good old Dad!
| funny old
It's a funny old world.
| poor old
You poor old thing!
| same old
always the same old faces

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