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offer /'ɔfə/
  • danh từ
    • sự đưa tay ra, sự tỏ ra sẵn sàng cho, sự tỏ ra sẵn sàng làm
    • sự chào hàng
    • sự trả giá
    • lời dạm hỏi, lời đề nghị, lời ướm, lời mời chào
    • ngoại động từ
      • biếu, tặng, dâng, hiến, cúng, tiến
        • to offer someone something: biếu ai cái gì
      • xung phong (nghĩa bóng), tỏ ý muốn, để lộ ý muốn
        • to offer to help somebody: xung phong, giúp đỡ ai
      • đưa ra bán, bày ra bán (hàng)
      • giơ ra, chìa ra, đưa ra mời
        • to offer one's hand: giơ tay ra (để bắt)
        • to offer a few remarks: đưa ra một vài câu nhận xét
      • đưa ra đề nghị
        • to offer a plan: đưa ra một kế hoạch, đề nghị một kế hoạch
      • dạm, hỏi, ướm
      • nội động từ
        • cúng
        • xảy ra, xảy đến, xuất hiện
          • as opportunity offers: khi có dịp (xảy ra)
        • to offer battle
          • nghênh chiến
        • to offer resistance
          • chống cự
      Concise Dictionary
      offers|offered|offering'ɔfər ,'ɑ- /'ɒ-
      +the verbal act of offering
      +something offered (as a proposal or bid)
      +a usually brief attempt
      +make available or accessible, provide or furnish
      +present for acceptance or rejection
      +agree freely
      +put forward for consideration
      +offer verbally
      +make available for sale
      +propose a payment
      +produce or introduce on the stage
      +present as an act of worship
      +mount or put up
      +make available; provide
      +ask (someone) to marry you
      +threaten to do something

      Thesaurus Dictionary
      1 proffer, propose, tender, bid:
      They offered twice what I had paid for it. She offered to buy my old car
      2 make available, present, tender, put on the market, sell, put up for sale, put up, furnish:
      The supermarket is offering lettuce at half price.
      3 proffer, provide, submit, put forward or forth, advance, tender, extend, make; suggest:
      Can you offer a suggestion for improving office efficiency? He offered to forget the whole thing if I paid him $1000
      4 volunteer, present oneself, step or come forward:
      I offered to help with her luggage.
      5 proposal, bid, tender, offering:
      She said she would double any offer we have already had for the painting.
      6 proposal, presentation, proffer, proposition:
      The company said they could entertain no offers past the deadline. My offer to lend the money was contingent on being repaid.

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