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odds /ɔdz/
  • danh từ số nhiều
    • sự chênh lệch; sự so le
      • to make odds even: làm cho hết so le, làm cho đều nhau
    • sự khác nhau
      • it makes no odds: không sao, không hề gì
    • sự xung đột, sự bất hoà
      • to be at odds with somebody: bất hoà với ai
    • sự lợi thế
      • the odds are in our favour: ta ở vào thế lợi
    • sự chấp (chơi cò, thể thao...)
      • to give odds: chấp
      • to take odds: nhận sự chấp
    • tỷ lệ (tiền cuộc)
      • to lay odds of three to one: đánh cuộc một ăn ba
    • what's the odds?
      • thế thì sao?
    • it is long odds that he will do it
      • nhất định là anh ta sẽ làm việc đó
    • he is by long odds the ablest of the boys
      • nó là tay cừ nhất vượt hẳn các cậu khác
    • odds and ends
      • những đầu thừa đuôi theo, những thứ linh tinh lặt vặt
Concise Dictionary
ɑdz /ɒdz
+the likelihood of a thing occurring rather than not occurring
+the ratio by which one better's wager is greater than that of another

Thesaurus Dictionary
n. pl.
1 chances, likelihood, probability:
The odds are that Janet will finish the job in time.
2 edge, advantage, lead, superiority:
We have won before against greater odds.
3 difference, inequality, disparity, unevenness, discrepancy, dissimilarity, distinction:
It makes no odds who you are, you may not go in there.
4 at odds. at variance, at loggerheads, at daggers drawn, at sixes and sevens, at cross purposes, at each other's throats, in disagreement, in opposition, on bad terms, not in keeping, out of line, inharmonious, conflicting, clashing, disagreeing, differing:
Teenagers have been at odds with their parents since time immemorial.
5 odds and ends. oddments, fragments, debris, leftovers, leavings, remnants, bits (and pieces), particles, shreds, snippets, scraps, rubbish, litter, Colloq Brit odds and sods:
We managed to pack everything into boxes except for a few odds and ends.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [pl.]
1 (usually the odds) the degree to which sth is likely to happen: The odds are very much in our favour (= we are likely to succeed). + The odds are heavily against him (= he is not likely to succeed). + The odds are that (= it is likely that) she'll win. + What are the odds (= how likely is it) he won't turn up?
2 something that makes it seem impossible to do or achieve sth: They secured a victory in the face of overwhelming odds. + Against all (the) odds, he made a full recovery.
3 (in betting) the connection between two numbers that shows how much money sb will receive if they win a bet: odds of ten to one (= ten times the amount of money that has been bet by sb will be paid to them if they win) + They are offering long / short odds (= the winnings will be high / low because there is a high / low risk of losing) on the defending champion. + (figurative) I'll lay odds on him getting the job (= I'm sure he will get it).
Idioms: be at odds (with sth) to be different from sth, when the two things should be the same: These findings are at odds with what is going on in the rest of the country.
be at odds (with sb) (over / on sth) to disagree with sb about sth: He's always at odds with his father over politics.
it makes no odds (spoken, especially BrE) used to say that sth is not important: It makes no odds to me whether you go or stay.
over the odds (BrE, informal) more money than you would normally expect: Many collectors are willing to pay over the odds for early examples of his work.
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Collocation Dictionary


considerable, great, high, impossible, insuperable, overwhelming, terrible
She struggled against terrible odds to overcome her illness.
| long, short
Sometimes an outsider will win at long odds, but not often. The bookmakers are offering only short odds on the favourite.


offer, quote | lay
I'll lay odds we never see him again.
| reduce, shorten | beat, defy, overcome
She defied the odds to beat the clear favourite.


shorten | lengthen


against the ~
The film is a heart-warming tale of triumph against the odds.
| ~ against
The odds against their survival have lengthened.
| ~ of
They were offering odds of ten to one.
| ~ on
The odds on the outsider were 100?1.


against all (the) odds
Against all the odds, we managed to get through to the final.

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