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occur /ə'kə:/
  • nội động từ
    • xảy ra, xảy đên
    • nảy ra (ý nghĩ)
      • it occurs to me that: tôi chợt nảy ra ý nghĩ là
    • xuất hiện, tìm thấy
      • several misprints occur on the first page: nhiều lỗi in sai tìm thấy ở trang nhất
Concise Dictionary
occurred|occurring|occursə'kɜr /ə'kɜː
+come to pass
+come to one's mind; suggest itself
+to be found to exist

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 happen, take place, arise, come about, befall, come to pass, chance, appear, surface, materialize, develop, become manifest, manifest itself, Colloq transpire, crop up, come off, turn up:
We reported to the police all that had occurred. What occurred to make you late this time?
2 occur to. dawn on, strike, hit, come to, suggest itself to, cross (someone's) mind, enter (someone's) head, be brought to (someone's) attention:
Has it occurred to you that she might not like opera?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb (-rr-)
1 [V] (formal) to happen: When exactly did the incident occur? + Something unexpected occurred. - HAPPEN
2 [V +adv./prep.] to exist or be found somewhere: Sugar occurs naturally in fruit.
Phrasal Verbs: occur to sb (of an idea or a thought) to come into your mind: The idea occurred to him in a dream. + [+ that] It didn't occur to him that his wife was having an affair. + [+ to inf] It didn't occur to her to ask for help.
Collocation Dictionary


commonly, frequently | infrequently, rarely | sporadically | naturally
These chemical changes occur quite naturally.
| spontaneously
Opportunities for learning occur spontaneously every day.


be likely to, tend to | be unlikely to

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