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occupation /,ɔkju'peiʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự chiếm, sự giữ, sự chiếm giữ, sự chiếm đóng
      • the occupation of the city: sự chiếm đóng thành phố
    • sự ở (một ngôi nhà)
    • thời hạn thuê
    • nghề nghiệp; công việc, việc làm
      • to look for an occupation: tìm việc làm
      • what is your occupation?: anh làm nghề gì?
Concise Dictionary
occupations‚ɑkjə'peɪʃn /‚ɒkjʊ-
+the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money
+the control of a country by military forces of a foreign power
+any activity that occupies a person's attention
+the act of occupying or taking possession of a building
+the period of time during which a place or position or nation is occupied

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 job, position, post, situation, appointment, employment, vocation, line (of work), career, field, calling, trade, métier, craft, skill, profession, business, work:
Claverton pursued his occupation as a miniaturist for some fifty years
2 possession, tenure, occupancy, rule, control, suzerainty, subjugation, subjection, oppression, bondage:
Terrible atrocities were committed while the land was under the occupation of the Mongols
3 conquest, seizure, appropriation, take-over:
Francisco Pizarro was responsible for the occupation of Peru.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C] (especially written) a job or profession: Please state your name, age and occupation below.
2 [C] the way in which you spend your time, especially when you are not working: Her main occupation seems to be shopping.
3 [U] the act of moving into a country, town, etc. and taking control of it using military force; the period of time during which a country, town, etc. is controlled in this way: the Roman occupation of Britain + The areas under occupation contained major industrial areas. + occupation forces
4 [U] (written) the act of living in or using a building, room, piece of land, etc: The offices will be ready for occupation in June. + The following applies only to tenants in occupation after January 1 1997. + The level of owner occupation (= people owning their homes) has increased rapidly in the last 30 years.
Collocation Dictionary

1 job


full-time | dangerous, hazardous | female, male
Agricultural work is traditionally seen as a male occupation.
| low-paid, well-paid | high-status, low-status | sedentary | managerial, professional, technical | skilled, unskilled | manual, non-manual | blue-collar, white-collar | industrial, service
service occupations such as cleaning and catering


choose, find | take up | follow
The people interviewed followed a variety of occupations
| give up
He gave up his occupation as a farmer and became a teacher.
| resume | provide (sb with)


a range of occupations
The college provides training in a wide range of occupations.

2 control of another country


continuing | military


begin, take up | be/remain in | give up
The invaders have given up occupation of large parts of the territories.
| resume


begin, end


force, power | zone


during the ~
During the occupation, the church was used as a mosque.
| under ~
Large parts of Britain were under Roman occupation.

3 living in a room, house, etc.


exclusive | joint, multiple
the conversion of big old buildings to multiple occupation
| peaceful
the right to peaceful occupation of the property
| land | illegal, unlawful
illegal occupation of the premises


take up
You can only take up occupation once the tenancy has been signed.
| be/remain in, enjoy | share | give up | resume


in ~ of
He intends to remain in occupation of the building for as long as possible.


ready for occupation
The flats will be ready for occupation by March.
| unfit for occupation
The houses were judged to be unfit for human occupation.

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