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observer /əb'zə:və/
  • danh từ
    • người theo dõi, người quan sát
    • người tuân theo, người tôn trọng
      • an observer of the law: người dự thính, quan sát viên (hội nghị)
    • (hàng không) người theo dõi phát hiện mục tiêu (trên máy bay ném bom)
    • (quân sự) người theo dõi phát hiện máy bay địch (ở một đơn vị phòng không)
Concise Dictionary
observersəb'sɜrvə(r) /əb'sɜː-
+a person who becomes aware (of things or events) through the senses
+an expert who observes and comments on something

Thesaurus Dictionary
witness, eyewitness, spectator, viewer, onlooker, beholder, watcher, looker-on; non-participant:
UN observers reported that the battle was over.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 a person who watches sb/sth: To the casual observer, the system appears confusing. + According to observers, the plane exploded shortly after take-off. + Most art forms require a contribution from the observer.
2 a person who attends a meeting, lesson, etc. to listen and watch but not to take part: A team of British officials were sent as observers to the conference.
3 a person who watches and studies particular events, situations, etc. and is therefore considered to be an expert on them: a royal / political observer + Observers noted an absence of the violence which had been a feature of previous elections.
Collocation Dictionary


To the casual observer, it would have looked like any other domestic argument.
| informed | accurate, acute, astute, careful, experienced, keen, seasoned, shrewd | sceptical | sympathetic | detached, impartial, neutral | external, independent, outside
Independent observers will monitor the elections.
| foreign, international | American, Western, etc. | industry, military
Some military observers fear the US could get entangled in another war.
| human


sending observers to check the conduct of the elections
| attend sth as | impress, puzzle, strike, surprise
The suddenness of this move surprised many observers.


attend sth
The talks were attended by observers from eight Arab countries and Israel.
| monitor sth


The country was granted observer status at the summit.


as an ~
I attended the conference as an observer.

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