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observation /,ɔbzə:'veiʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự quan sát, sự để ý, sự chú ý, sự theo dõi
      • observation post: trạm quan sát
      • to keep someone under observation: theo dõi ai
    • khả năng quan sát, năng lực quan sát
      • a man of no observation: người không có năng lực quan sát
    • lời nhận xét, điều quan sát được, điều nhận thấy
    • lời bình phẩm
    • (quân sự) sự quan sát, sự theo dõi
    • sự xác định toạ độ theo độ cao của mặt trời
Concise Dictionary
observations‚ɑbzər'veɪʃn /‚ɒbzə-
+the act of making and recording a measurement
+the act of observing; taking a patient look
+facts learned by observing
+the act of noticing or paying attention
+a remark expressing careful consideration

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 watching, examination, scrutiny, inspection, viewing, survey, surveillance; notice, discovery, attention, awareness:
The police put the house under 24-hour observation. The smuggled weapon escaped the guard's observation
2 comment, remark, note, reflection, opinion, sentiment, point of view, impression, feeling, commentary, criticism; utterance, word, announcement, pronouncement, proclamation, declaration:
She made a number of trenchant observations concerning life in Britain today.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [U, C] the act of watching sb/sth carefully for a period of time, especially to learn sth: Most information was collected by direct observation of the animals' behaviour. + results based on scientific observations + We managed to escape observation (= we were not seen). + The suspect is being kept under observation (= watched closely by the police). + She has outstanding powers of observation (= the ability to notice things around her). + an observation post / tower (= a place from where sb, especially an enemy, can be watched)
2 [C] ~ (about / on sth) a comment, especially based on sth you have seen, heard or read: He began by making a few general observations about the report. + She has some interesting observations on possible future developments.
Collocation Dictionary

1 examination


careful, close, detailed | direct | systematic | casual | empirical, scientific | clinical | astronomical


for ~
She was admitted to hospital for observation.
| under ~
The police have had him under observation for several weeks.
| ~ of
The survey was based on direct observation of over 500 schools.


powers of observation
an artist with acute powers of observation

2 remark


general | astute, keen, shrewd | interesting




~ about
He smiled, and made some observation about the weather.
| ~ on
her witty observations on life

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