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observant /əb'zə:vənst/
  • tính từ
    • hay quan sát, tinh mắt, tinh ý
    • tuân theo (luật pháp, phong tục...)
      • observant of the rules of etiquette: tuân theo những nghi thức xã giao
  • danh từ
    • thầy tu dòng Fran-xit (theo rất đúng nghi lễ)
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 watchful, alert, attentive, vigilant, on the lookout, on the qui vive, on guard, wide awake, regardful, mindful, aware, keen, keen-eyed, sharp-eyed, eagle-eyed, perceptive, sharp, shrewd:
Hannay was observant of all who passed him on the way to the train. How very observant of you to spot the man in the crowd!
2 Usually, observant of. obedient (to), compliant (with), respectful (of), heedful(of), attentive (to or of), conformist (to), adherent (to):
One must be always be observant of the rules of the road.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 good at noticing things around you: Observant walkers may see red deer along this stretch of the road. + How very observant of you! + She keeps an observant eye on developments in education. + He was acutely observant of the poverty around him.
2 (formal) careful to obey religious laws and customs
Collocation Dictionary


be, seem | become


acutely, highly, very
She was intelligent and highly observant.
| fairly, quite

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