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obey /ə'bei/
  • động từ
    • vâng lời nghe lời, tuân theo, tuân lệnh
Concise Dictionary
+be obedient to
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 comply (with), agree (to), consent (to), submit (to), abide (by), observe, respect, adhere to, follow, conform (to or with), acquiesce (to or in), mind, accept, heed, defer to, yield (to), knuckle under (to), give way (to), surrender (to), succumb (to), give in (to), truckle to, bow to, bend to, take or accept orders from:
Unfortunately, Ogilvy has obeyed his baser instincts in making the punishment fit the crime. Everything must obey the laws of nature. Harold obeys Millie's slightest whim
2 discharge, execute, effect, carry out, fulfil, meet, satisfy, do, perform; serve, act:
We obeyed the colonel's orders to the letter. It is your function to command, mine to obey.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
to do what you are told or expected to do: [VN] to obey a command / an order / rules / the law + He had always obeyed his parents without question. + (figurative) I tried to run but my legs just wouldn't obey me. + [V] 'Sit down!' Meekly, she obeyed.
Antonym: DISOBEY
Collocation Dictionary


immediately, instantly
She was used to having her orders instantly obeyed.
| automatically, blindly, meekly, unquestioningly | eagerly | reluctantly


have to, must | refuse to
He refuses to obey the school rules.
| fail to | be willing to | promise to


be only obeying orders
At the trial the soldiers made the excuse that they were only obeying orders.
| a duty/an obligation to obey
People have a moral duty to obey the law.
| sth has to be/must be obeyed
Rules are rules and they must be obeyed.

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