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now /nau/
  • phó từ
    • bây giờ, lúc này, giờ đây, hiện nay, ngày nay
      • just (even, but) now: đúng lúc này; vừa mới xong, ngay vừa rồi
    • ngay bây giờ, ngay tức khắc, lập tức
      • do it now!: hây làm cái đó ngay tức khắc!
      • now or never: ngay bây giờ hoặc không bao giờ hết
    • lúc ấy, lúc đó, lúc bấy giờ (trong lúc kể chuyện)
      • he was now crossing the mountain: lúc bấy giờ anh ta cũng đang vượt qua núi
    • trong tình trạng đó, trong hoàn cảnh ấy, trong tình thế ấy
    • nay, mà, vậy thì (ở đầu câu)
      • now it was so dark that night: mà đêm hôm đó trời tối lắm
    • hả, hãy... mà, nào; thế nào, này, hử
      • now listen to me!: này hãy nghe tôi mà!
      • come now!: này!, này!
      • now then, what are you doing?: cậu đang làm gì thế hử?
      • no nonsense now now: thôi đừng nói bậy nào!
    • [every] now and again; [every] now and then
      • thỉnh thoảng
    • now... now; now... them
      • lúc thì... lúc thì
    • now hot, now cold: lúc nóng, lúc lạnh
  • liên từ
    • now (that) thấy rằng, xét thấy, vì, vì chưng, bởi chưng
      • now [that] the weather is warner, you can go out: bởi chưng thời tiết đã ấm hơn, anh có thể đi ra ngoài được đấy
  • danh từ
    • hiện tại, lúc này
      • to read the future in the now: nhìn vào hiện tại mà đoán tương lai
      • up to (till, until) now: đến nay
Concise Dictionary
n o w|nowsnaʊ
+the momentary present
+at the present moment
+in these times
+in the historical present; at this point in the narration of a series of past events
+(prefatory or transitional) indicates a change of subject or activity
+used to preface a command or reproof or request
+without delay or hesitation; with no time intervening
+in the immediate past

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 at present, just now, right now, at the present time or moment, at this (very) moment or minute or second or instant:
He's in the shower and cannot come to the phone now.
2 these days, nowadays, today, in these times, at the moment, in this day and age, under or in the present circumstances or conditions, in the present climate, things being what they are, contemporarily, any more, any longer; for the time being, for the nonce:
What makes you say that the minimum wage is enough to live on now? Selling now might bring the highest price
3 at once, immediately, right away, without delay, instantly, promptly, Chiefly law instanter, Chiefly Brit straight away:
I want you here now - not in five minutes, but now!
4 now and then or again. occasionally, from time to time, at times, on occasion, sometimes, sporadically, once in a while, every now and then or again, randomly, intermittently; infrequently, seldom, rarely, once in a blue moon:
There was a power cut now and then. He visits his mother only now and then.
5 contemporary, up to date, modern, stylish, fashionable, trendy, Colloq in, with it:
Advertisers must appeal to the yuppies of the now generation.
Advanced English Dictionary
adverb, conjunction
+ adverb
1 (at) the present time: Where are you living now? + It's been two weeks now since she called. + It's too late now. + From now on I'll be more careful. + He'll be home by now. + I've lived at home up till now. + That's all for now.
2 at or from this moment, but not before: Start writing now. + I am now ready to answer your questions.
3 (spoken) used to show that you are annoyed about sth: Now they want to tax food! + What do you want now? + It's broken. Now I'll have to get a new one.
4 (spoken) used to get sb's attention before changing the subject or asking them to do sth: Now, listen to what she's saying. + Now, the next point is quite complex. + Now come and sit down. + Now let me think ...
Idioms: (every) now and again / then from time to time; occasionally: Every now and again she checked to see if he was still asleep.
now for sb / sth used when turning to a fresh activity or subject: And now for some travel news.
now, now (also now then) used to show in a mild way that you do not approve of sth: Now then, that's enough noise.
now ...now ... at one time ...at another time ...: Her moods kept changing-now happy, now sad.
(it's) now or never this is the only opportunity sb will have to do sth
now then
1 = NOW, NOW
2 used when making a suggestion or an offer: Now then, who wants to come for a walk?
Now what? (spoken)
1 (also What is it now?) used when you are annoyed because sb is always asking questions or interrupting you: 'Yes, but Dad ...' 'Now what?'
2 used to say that you do not know what to do next in a particular situation
+ conjunction
~ (that) ... because the thing mentioned is happening or has just happened: Now that the kids have left home we've got a lot of extra space.

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