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novel /'nɔvəl/
  • tính từ
    • mới, mới lạ, lạ thường
      • a novel idea: một ý nghĩ mới lạ
  • danh từ
    • tiểu thuyết, truyện
      • the novel: thể văn tiểu thuyết
Concise Dictionary
novels'nɑvl /'nɒvl
+a extended fictional work in prose; usually in the form of a story
+a printed and bound book that is an extended work of fiction
+original and of a kind not seen before
+pleasantly new or different

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 new, unusual, unfamiliar, unconventional, fresh, different, original, creative; untested, untried:
I have a novel idea for the design of an ultralight aircraft.
2 story, tale, narrative, romance; novella, novelette, best-seller, Colloq blockbuster:
The members of our company board behave like characters out of a novel.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, adjective
+ noun
a story long enough to fill a complete book, in which the characters and events are usually imaginary: to write / publish / read a novel + detective / historical / romantic novels + the novels of Jane Austen
+ adjective (often approving) different from anything known before; new, interesting and often seeming slightly strange: a novel idea / feature / design + Job-sharing is still a novel concept and it will take a while for employers to get used to it.
Collocation Dictionary


hardback, paperback | first
a prize for the best first novel of the year
| latest, new | literary | best-selling, popular | acclaimed
his critically acclaimed novel
| famous | classic | contemporary, modern | nineteenth-century, Victorian | adult, children's | autobiographical | epistolary
Samuel Richardson's novels are all epistolary in form.
| adventure, comic, crime, detective, historical, satirical, spy, realist, romantic


I took a copy of a Graham Greene novel on the train with me.


produce, write | publish | read | accept (for publication), reject (for publication)
Her first novel was finally accepted for publication.
| translate | adapt
adapting the novel for television
| review


be based on sth
The novel was based on a true life story.
| be set, take place
The novel was set in a small village in France.


~ about
a novel about growing up



be, sound
The scheme sounded rather novel.


extremely, very | completely, entirely, quite, totally, wholly | rather, relatively | essentially

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