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English - Vietnamese Dictionary
notify /'noutifai/
  • ngoại động từ
    • báo, khai báo; thông báo, cho hay, cho biết
      • to notify someone of something: báo cho ai biết việc gì
      • to notify someone of one's new address: cho ai biết đại chỉ mới
Concise Dictionary
+inform (somebody) of something
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 inform, tell, advise, alert, apprise, warn:
She notified us that she might come in late today. They wrote to notify shareholders of the new share offer
2 announce, publish, declare, proclaim, give notice of; intimate, hint:
The arrival of the first salmon notified to us the change of season.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
(notifies, notifying, notified, notified) ~ sb (of sth)
~ sth to sb to formally or officially tell sb about sth
Synonym: INFORM
[VN] Competition winners will be notified by post. + The police must be notified of the date of the demonstration. + The date of the demonstration must be notified to the police. + You must notify us in writing if you wish to cancel your subscription. [also VN that]
Collocation Dictionary


forthwith, immediately | in advance | by post, in writing | formally


be obliged to, be required to, must, should
If you see anything suspicious you should notify the police immediately.
| fail to


All applicants will be notified of the result by post.
| to
Changes must be notified to the chairman.

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