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not /nɔt/
  • phó từ
    • không
      • I did not say so: tôi không hề nói như vậy
      • not without reason: không phải là không có lý
    • as likely as not
      • hẳn là, chắc là
    • he'll be at home now, as likes as not: hẳn là bây giờ nó có nhà
    • not but that (what)
      • (xem) but
    • not half
      • (xem) half
    • not less than
      • ít nhất cũng bằng
    • not more than
      • nhiều nhất cũng chỉ bằng
    • not only... but also
      • (xem) also
    • not once nor twice
      • không phải một hai lần; nhiều lần rồi, luôn luôn
    • not seldom
      • (xem) seldom
    • not that
      • không phải rằng (là)
    • not that I fear him: không phải là tôi sợ n
Concise Dictionary
nɑt /nɒt
+negation of a word or group of words
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adverb
1 used to form the negative of the verbs be, do and have and modal verbs like can or must and often shortened to n't: She did not / didn't see him. + It's not / it isn't raining. + I can't see from here. + He must not go. + Don't you eat meat? + It's cold, isn't it?
2 used to give the following word or phrase a negative meaning, or to reply in the negative: He warned me not to be late. + I was sorry not to have seen them. + Not everybody agrees. + 'Who's next?' 'Not me.' + 'What did you do at school?' 'Not a lot.' + It's not easy being a parent (= it's difficult).
3 used after hope, expect, believe, etc. to give a negative reply: 'Will she be there?' 'I hope not.' + 'Is it ready?' 'I'm afraid not.' + (formal) 'Does he know?' 'I believe not.'
4 or ~ used to show a negative possibility: I don't know if he's telling the truth or not.
5 used to say that you do not want sth or will not allow sth: 'Some more?' 'Not for me, thanks.' + 'Can I throw this out?' 'Certainly not.'
Idioms: not a ...
not one ... used for emphasis to mean 'no thing or person': He didn't speak to me-not one word.
not at all used to politely accept thanks or to agree to sth: 'Thanks a lot.' 'Not at all.' + 'Will it bother you if I smoke?' 'Not at all.'
not only ...(but) also ... used to emphasize that sth else is also true: She not only wrote the text but also selected the illustrations.
not that used to state that you are not suggesting sth: She hasn't written-not that she said she would.

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