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norm /nɔ:m/
  • danh từ
    • quy tắc tiêu chuẩn
    • chỉ tiêu (trong sản xuất)
Concise Dictionary
normsnɔrm /nɔːm
+a standard or model or pattern regarded as typical
+a statistic describing the location of a distribution

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 usual, average, mean, normal:
The norm for the day is 12 degrees Celsius.
2 model, standard, type, pattern, criterion, rule, measure, gauge, yardstick, benchmark:
That style of window became the norm for many years.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 (often the norm) [sing.] a situation or a pattern of behaviour that is usual or expected: a deviation / departure from the norm + Single parents seem to be the norm rather than the exception nowadays.
2 (norms) [pl.] standards of behaviour that are typical of or accepted within a particular group or society: social / cultural norms + She considered people to be products of the values and norms of the society they lived in.
3 [C] a required or agreed standard, amount, etc: detailed education norms for children of particular ages + The government claims that background radioactivity is well below international norms.
Collocation Dictionary


accepted, established | ethical, moral | cultural, social | statistical | community, family, group


conform to
Their behaviour conforms to the group norm.
| break, challenge | deviate from, differ from


above the ~, below the ~, over the ~
They want to discourage pay settlements over the norm.
| ~ for
On-screen editing has become the norm for all student work.
| ~ of
accepted norms of behaviour


a deviation/departure from the norm, an exception to the norm, the norm rather than the exception
In the inner-city areas, poverty is the norm rather than the exception.

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