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nice /nais/
  • tính từ
    • (thông tục) thú vị, dễ chịu; tốt, hấp dẫn
      • a nice day: một ngày đẹp
      • nice weather: tiết trời đẹp
      • a nice walk: một cuộc đi chơi thú vị
      • the room was nice and warm: căn phòng ấm áp dễ chịu
    • xinh đẹp
    • ngoan; tốt, tử tế, chu đáo
      • how... of you to help me in my work!: anh giúp đỡ tôi trong công việc, thật là tử tế quá
    • tỉ mỉ, câu nệ; khó tính, khảnh, cầu kỳ
      • don't be too nice about it: không nên quá câu nệ về cái đó
      • to be too nice about one's food: khảnh ăn
    • sành sỏi, tế nhị, tinh vi, kỹ
      • a nice audience: những người xem sành sõi
      • to have a nice ear for music: sành nhạc
      • a nice question: một vấn đề tế nhị
      • a nice shade of meaning: một ý tế nhị
      • a nice investigation: một cuộc điều tra kỹ lưỡng
      • a nice observer: người quan sát tinh tế
    • (mỉa mai) hay ho
      • you've got us into a nice mess!: thật anh đã đẩy chúng tôi vào một hoàn cảnh hay ho gớm!
    • chính xác (cân)
      • weighed in the nicest scales: được cân ở cái cân chính xác nhất
    • (dùng như phó từ)
      • nice [and]: rất, lắm, tốt
      • socialist construction is going nice and fast: xây dựng xã hội chủ nghĩa tiến rất nhanh
      • the way is a nice long one: con đường dài lắm, con đường dài dằng dặc
Concise Dictionary
+a city in southeastern France on the Mediterranean; the leading resort on the French Riviera
+pleasant or pleasing or agreeable in nature or appearance
+socially or conventionally correct; refined or virtuous
+done with delicacy and skill
+excessively fastidious and easily disgusted
+noting distinctions with nicety
+exhibiting courtesy and politeness

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 pleasant, agreeable, amiable, amicable, friendly, cordial, warm, gracious, warm-hearted, kind, kindly, outgoing, charming, genial, delightful, courteous, polite, refined, gentlemanly, ladylike, winsome, likeable, attractive:
They are one of the nicest couples I have ever met.
2 good, satisfactory, commendable, worthy, worthwhile:
The manager said that I had done a nice job in preparing the specifications.
3 good, fine, superb, superior, attentive, sharp, acute, keen, careful, exact, exacting, rigorous; precise, accurate, unerring, scrupulous, meticulous, punctilious, discriminating, discriminative, perceptive, delicate, fastidious, flawless, faultless, subtle, strict, close, small, slight, minute, complex, complicated, intricate:
A diamond cutter must have a nice eye for detail. It is difficult to maintain nice distinctions of meaning among certain words, given that people are so careless with their speech these days
4 delicate, subtle, sensitive, exquisite, hair-splitting, over-nice, fine, critical, ticklish, dangerous, precarious, perilous, Colloq hairy:
The matter of Hong Kong requires some nice political negotiations.
5 trim, well turned out, tidy, neat, fine:
Don't you want to look nice for your birthday party?
6 nice and - pleasantly, delightfully, pleasingly, agreeably, enjoyably, gratifyingly, satisfyingly, comfortably:
It's nice and warm by the fire.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective (nicer, nicest)
pleasant / attractive
1 ~ (to do sth)
~ (doing sth)
~ (that ...) pleasant, enjoyable or attractive: a nice day / smile / place + nice weather + Did you have a nice time? + You look very nice. + 'Do you want to come, too?' 'Yes, that would be nice.' + The nicest thing about her is that she never criticizes us. + Nice to meet you! (= a friendly greeting) + It's been nice meeting you. + It's nice that you can come with us. + It would be nice if he moved to London. + It's nice to know that somebody appreciates what I do. + We all had the flu last week-it wasn't very nice.
2 used before adjectives or adverbs to emphasize how pleasant sth is: a nice hot bath + a nice long walk + It was nice and warm yesterday. + Everyone arrived nice and early.
Help Note: Nice and with another adjective cannot be used before a noun: a nice and quiet place.
kind / friendly
3 ~ (to sb)
~ of sb (to do sth)
~ (about sth) kind; friendly: Our new neighbours are very nice. + He's a really nice guy. + Be nice to me. I'm not feeling well. + It was nice of them to invite us. + I complained to the manager and he was very nice about it. + I asked him in the nicest possible way to put his cigarette out.
Antonym: NASTY
not nice
4 (ironic) bad or unpleasant: That's a nice thing to say! + That's a nice way to speak to your mother!
small details
5 (formal) involving a very small detail or difference
Synonym: SUBTLE
a nice point of law (= one that is difficult to decide)
niceness noun [U]: In some professions, niceness does not get you very far.
Idioms: as nice as pie (informal) very kind and friendly, especially when you are not expecting it
Have a nice day! (spoken, especially AmE) a friendly way of saying goodbye, especially to customers
Nice one! (BrE, spoken) used to show you are pleased when sth good has happened or sb has said sth amusing: You got the job? Nice one!
Nice work! (spoken, especially BrE) used to show you are pleased when sb has done sth well: You did a good job today. Nice work, James!
nice work if you can get it (informal) used when you wish that you had sb's success or good luck and think they have achieved it with little effort: He was paid £200 for a ten-minute speech? Nice work if you can get it.
more at MR
nice and very nice
Instead of saying that something is nice or very nice, try to use more precise and interesting adjectives to describe things: pleasant/perfect/beautiful weather
a cosy/a comfortable/an attractive room
a pleasant/an interesting/an enjoyable experience
expensive/fashionable/smart clothes
a kind/ a charming/ an interesting man
The party was fun.
In conversation you can also use great, wonderful, lovely and (in BrE) brilliant: The party was great. + We had a brilliant weekend.
- note at GOOD
Collocation Dictionary


be, feel, look, seem, smell, sound, taste
I felt nice and cosy. That bread smells nice. His mother sounded very nice on the phone.
| make sth
I tidied the room to make it nice for the others when they came home.


awfully, exceptionally, extremely, incredibly, jolly, really, terribly, very
an awfully nice man
| perfectly, thoroughly
I'm sure she's perfectly nice really.
| not particularly
It had not been a particularly nice experience.
| pretty, quite, rather | enough
Some of the boys were nice enough, but she didn't want to go out with them.


He was incredibly nice about it, though I am sure it caused him a lot of trouble.
| for
It's nice for Mum to get out more.
| to
Can't you be nice to each other for once?


nice little
It's a nice little place you've got here.

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