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never /'nevə/
  • phó từ
    • không bao giờ, không khi nào
      • never tell a lie!: không bao giờ được nói dối!
      • never say die!: không bao giờ được thất vọng
      • well, I never!; I never did!: chà!, tôi chưa bao giờ nghe (thấy) (một điều như) thế
    • không, đừng
      • he answered never a word: nó tuyệt nhiên không đáp lại một lời
      • that will never do: cái đó không xong đâu, cái đó không ổn đâu
      • never mind!: không sao cả!; không hề gì!; đừng bận tâm!
      • never a one: không một người nào, không ai
    • better late than never
      • (xem) better
    • never so
      • dù là, dẫu là
    • were it never so late: dù có muộn thế nào đi nữa
    • never too late to mend
      • muốn sửa chữa thì chả lo là muộn
Concise Dictionary
+not ever; at no time in the past or future
+not at all; certainly not; not in any circumstances

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 at no time, not ever, not at any time, on no occasion, under no circumstances or condition(s), on no account, not at all, Colloq not in a million years, not till hell freezes over:
You are never to use such language again!
2 in no way, not in any way, not in the least, not in any degree, not under any condition, not:
Never fear, for I am near.
Advanced English Dictionary
adverb, exclamation
+ adverb
1 not at any time; not on any occasion: You never help me. + He has never been abroad. + 'Would you vote for him?' 'Never.' + 'I work for a company called Orion Technology.' 'Never heard of them.' + Never in all my life have I seen such a horrible thing. + Never ever tell anyone your password.
2 used to emphasize a negative statement instead of 'not': I never knew (= didn't know until now) you had a twin sister. + I never realized just how easy it is. + (especially BrE) Someone might find out and that would never do (= that is not acceptable). + He never so much as smiled (= did not smile even once). + (especially BrE) 'I told my boss exactly what I thought of her.' 'You never did!' (= 'Surely you didn't!') + (BrE, slang) 'You took my bike.' 'No, I never.' (old-fashioned or humorous) Never fear (= Do not worry), everything will be all right.
Idioms: on the never-never (BrE, informal) on HIRE PURCHASE (= by making payments over a long period): to buy a new car on the never-never
Well, I never (did)! (old-fashioned) used to express surprise or disapproval: Well, I never! Fancy getting married and not telling us!
+ exclamation (spoken) used to show that you are very surprised about sth because you do not believe it is possible: 'I got the job.' 'Never!'

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