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neither /'naiðə, (Mỹ) 'ni:ðə/
  • tính từ (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ)
    • không; không... này mà cũng không... kia
      • to take neither side in the dispute: không đứng về bên nào trong cuộc tranh câi; không đứng về bên này mà cũng không đứng về bên kia trong cuộc tranh cãi
  • phó từ (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ)
    • neither... nor... không... mà cũng không
      • neither good nor bad: không tốt mà cũng không xấu
      • neither he nor I know: cả nó lẫn tôi đều không biết
  • liên từ (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ)
    • cũng không, mà cũng không
      • I know not, neither can I guess: tôi không biết mà tôi cũng không đoán được
  • danh từ (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ)
    • không cái nào (trong hai cái), không người nào (trong hai người); không cả hai; cả hai đều không
      • neither of them knows: cả hai người đều không biết
Concise Dictionary
nei·ther || 'nɪːðər /'naɪðə
adj. not this and not that
pron. not this and not that
Advanced English Dictionary
determiner, pronoun, adverb
determiner, pronoun not one nor the other of two things or people: Neither answer is correct. + Neither of them has / have a car. + They produced two reports, neither of which contained any useful suggestions. + 'Which do you like?' 'Neither. I think they're both ugly.'
+ adverb
1 used to show that a negative statement is also true of sb/sth else: He didn't remember and neither did I. + I hadn't been to New York before and neither had Jane. + 'I can't understand a word of it.' 'Neither can I.' + (informal) 'I don't know.' 'Me neither.'
2 (neither ...nor ...) used to show that a negative statement is true of two things: I neither knew nor cared what had happened to him. + Their house is neither big nor small. + Neither the TV nor the video actually work / works.
neither / either
After neither and either you use a singular verb: Neither candidate was selected for the job.
Neither of and either of are followed by a plural noun or pronoun and a singular or plural verb. A plural verb is more informal: Neither of my parents speaks/speak a foreign language.
When neither... nor... or either... or... are used with two singular nouns, the verb can be singular or plural. A plural verb is more informal.

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