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neighbour /'neibə/
  • danh từ
    • người hàng xóm, người láng giềng, người ở bên cạnh; vật ở cạnh
      • next-door neighbour: người láng giềng ở sát vách
    • người đồng loại
      • be kind to your neighbour: nên tử tế với người đồng loại
  • động từ (song (ạy) kh upon, with)
    • ở gần, ở bên, ở cạnh
      • the wood neighbours upon the lake: khu rừng ở ngay cạnh hồ
Concise Dictionary
+a person who lives (or is located) near another
+a nearby object of the same kind
+live or be located as a neighbor
+be located near or adjacent to

Advanced English Dictionary
(BrE) (AmE neighbor)
+ noun
1 a person who lives next to you or near you: We've had a lot of support from all our friends and neighbours. + Our next-door neighbours are very noisy.
2 a country that is next to or near another country: Britain's nearest neighbour is France. + peace treaties between Israel and its neighbours
3 a person or thing that is standing or situated next to another person or thing: Stand quietly, children, and try not to talk to your neighbour. + The tree fell slowly, its branches caught in those of its neighbours.
4 (literary) any other human being: We should all love our neighbours.
Collocation Dictionary


friendly, good
She's been a very good neighbour to me.
| close, immediate, near, next-door
They are near neighbours of ours.
| nearest
She leaned towards her nearest neighbour and whispered something.
| northern, southern, etc.
England's northern neighbour now has its own parliament.


friends and neighbours

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