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negotiate /ni'gouʃieit/
  • động từ
    • (thương nghiệp), (chính trị) điều đình, đàm phán, thương lượng, dàn xếp
      • to negotiate a treaty: đàm phán để ký một hiệp ước
    • đổi thành tiền, chuyển nhượng cho người khác để lấy tiền, trả bằng tiền (chứng khoán, hối phiếu, ngân phiếu)
    • vượt qua được (vật chướng ngại, khó khăn...)
Concise Dictionary
+discuss the terms of an arrangement
+succeed in passing through, around, or over

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 deal, bargain, dicker, haggle, chaffer, palter; discuss, debate, mediate, consult, parley, speak, talk, transact, come to terms:
A conglomerate is negotiating to buy our company. The company asked me to negotiate on our behalf
2 arrange (for), organize, orchestrate, conduct, handle, manoeuvre, manage, engineer, work out, settle, get, obtain, bring off or about, carry off, accomplish, do, execute, effect, complete, conclude, Colloq pull off:
Will you be able to negotiate a loan for the car?
3 manoeuvre, clear, get through or past or round or over, pass, cross, Colloq make (it (through or past or round or over)):
Will you be able to negotiate the barbed-wire fence?

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